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M15 4PN
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Retail sale of footwear in specialised stores

Legal Information

Company Registration No.:
Incorporation Date:
20 Aug 1965
Financial Year End:
31 Mar
£3,000.00 on 5 Dec 2013
For period ending:
31 Mar 2013
Filed on:
2 Sep 2013

Latest Annual Return

Directors & Shareholder Information
As at:
3 Dec 2013
Filed on:
5 Dec 2013
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Financial Summary

31 Mar 2013 31 Mar 2012
Cash at bank: £5,125 £25,150
Debtors: £23,594 £30,199
Total Assets less Current Liabilities: £180,741 £210,014
Creditors due after one year / Non Current Liabilities: £94,129 £117,973
Total Assets less Liabilities: £101,327 £109,609
Shareholders Funds / Net Worth: £101,327 £109,609
Full details in: 2013 Accounts 2013 Accounts

Notices published in the Gazette

29 Mar 2016

In the Matter of the Individuals and Companies Listed in the Schedules attached and The Insolvency Act 1986 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a Block Transfer Order dated 11 March 2016 Mr Brendan P Hogan of Berry & Cooper Limited was removed from office in respect of each of the cases listed in the Schedules; and Mr Alan Fallows (IP No 9567) and Peter Anderson (IP No 15336) of Kay Johnson Gee Corporate Recovery Limited, Griffin Court, 201 Chapel Street, Manchester M3 5EQ were appointed as replacement office holders in respect of those cases. For further information contact the office holders or Derek Morton on 0161 832 6221. SCHEDULE 1 Bankruptcy cases Name Court Court No Jason Brigg Dudson County Court at Central London 4204 of 2013 Joanna Bozena Fratczak Worcester County Court 240 of 2014 James Joseph Grimes Liverpool County Court 635 of 2014 Mavis Grimes Liverpool County Court 636 of 2014 Mark Atherton Birkenhead County Court 371 of 2011 Kanbi Mavji Ruda Liverpool County Court 6303 of 2011 Jonathon Shuker Liverpool County Court 149 of 2013 Ian Shuker Liverpool County Court 148 of 2013 Preeti Prakash Samji High Court of Justice 1474 of 2013 Stephen John Best Birkenhead County Court 22 of 2012 Wayne Robert John Lewis Bury County Court 74 of 2008 Dean Withers Central London County Court 126 of 2014 Arkadius Woznicki Manchester District Registry 239 of 2014 SCHEDULE 2 Individual Voluntary Arrangement cases Name John Garner SCHEDULE 3 Creditors Voluntary Liquidation cases Name Company Number OTHER NOTICES AA Appointments Limited 01750578 A Baker Construction Limited 04154600 Abbey Coatings Limited 04039133 Abbeyways HD Limited 07522738 Abingwood Flooring Ltd 03968753 ActAround Limited 06963624 All Counties Transport Ltd 07976044 Analogue Alchemy Limited 06962456 Arcsource Consulting Limited 08572846 AS Life Limited 07395932 A. Smart Paving and Groundworks 04892052 A & S Specialist Services Limited 07243745 Astromat Limited 03976709 A2Z Consulting Limited 06753014 BA Global Ltd 04987348 BDC Building Solutions Limited 07460355 Belmont Automatics Limited T/A HD Customer Care Blue Sky Logistics Limited 07877963 Bluesoft Technologies Limited 07446790 B.M.A. Construction Design Limited 07238538 Bridgewater Recruitment Solutions Limited Bright CPS Limited 08949373 Brit Secure Limited 07184549 BSB Construction & Survey Ltd 06265735 Cabvert Media Limited 05067927 Campbell Blue Limited 06717506 Capsule Publishing Services Limited 06987506 Carl Moore Window Cleaning Services Limited The Cat & Fiddle Inn Limited 08420671 Celtic Interiors Ltd 06394229 C.J.W Electrical Services Limited 06549281 Close Contact Computing Limited 03009237 CMAG Ltd 06782985 Coast 2 Coast Construction Limited 07803846 Colchester Window Warehouse Limited Craft Fabrics Ltd t/a Fabric Freedom 07964999 Createjoy Limited 08886271 CRS Electrical Services Ltd 07246006 CZAR Corporation Limited 07011012 Danby Interiors Limited 07751208 DJT Construction Limited 06618306 DrivePointVM Ltd 07058872 Ecocleen (North Midlands) Ltd 07707664 Eco Maintenance Limited 07118363 Enterprise Ecommerce Limited 07371809 Epic Supplements Ltd 08066547 Equisoft Solutions Limited 05615081 Finance in Medicine Limited 04002376 Finch IT Ltd 04119136 First Data Solutions Limited 07211780 Forward Recruitment (Newcastle) Limited Fotographia Ltd 08205273 Fred Fearn’s Golf Shop Limited 08229560 Freshbrook Solutions Limited t/a Swisher Swindon Fusion Constructions Limited 06500836 Gainshare Performance Limited 08749085 Gettins Hogben Melia Ltd 03000406 Gill Massey Limited 04506239 Go Electrical Wholesalers Limited 08483316 Golden Mile Exhibitions Ltd t/a Dinosaur World GRP Boat Repairs Limited 05424152 Harry Earnshaw Limited 00857317 HCPS Limited 06816858 H. Earnshaw & Sons Limited 01668914 H. Earnshaw Footfitters Limited 00772626 Hodges & Coley Ltd 07334254 Holder Electrical Services Limited 05661529 Home-Approved.com Limited 07450801 Homepulse Limited 07860900 Industrial Electrical & Building Services Limited Innovation Asset Management Ltd 05129704 The Ivory Boutique Limited 05260430 JAD Building Supplies Ltd 07776484 Jangala Limited 06819190 Jetmaid Limited 04592193 JMS Interiors Limited 04305350 Josephs Groundworks Limited t/a JGW Ltd Joyz of Grind Ltd 07718483 Kad Impo Expo Ltd T/A “Lemon” 08134289 Keast Build Limited 06508354 Kinetic Bars Limited 07086971 Koltak Limited 05919285 KTM Marketing Solutions (UK) Limited 07467187 Leavitt and Sons Ltd 07956105 Little Treasures Daycare Centre Limited Little Voice Tour Ltd 07760825 LVA Europe Limited 03715930 Macclesfield Radio Cars Limited 04821760 The Magic Roundabout Partnership LLP OC365921 Maintenance Force UK Ltd 05909371 Major Security Services Limited 04497012 Mark Conibeer Financial Services Limited Moffatt Ltd 07319864 Mystery Box Studios Limited 07734151 NBE Services Limited 05771655 Network Consultancy Services Limited New Road Auto Services Limited 08364375 Nicol Building Services Limited 05670477 OTHER NOTICES Northumbria Coatings Limited 05072504 Olron (Logistics) Ltd 07418609 Otaso Limited T/A Otaso Consulting 08561244 Parks Roofing Ltd 06315472 P & H Marketing Ltd T/A P & H Recruitment Pipe Weld Mechanical Service Limited 06451469 Plant Transport Limited 04586602 Production Paraplanners Ltd 05413954 Progressive Care Agency Limited 08751746 Purple Channel Limited 06662420 Purple Thai Limited 08135727 Rainbow Plastics Ltd 07740501 Raw Building Services Limited 07753388 RDR Essex Ltd 08082473 R D Wild & Company Limited 03690804 Redhouse Finance Limited 05918547 Resultway Limited 03582475 RGB Couriers Limited 06738873 Ridgeway Leasing Limited 08106714 Robinson and Ardern Limited 01242890 Rosie Fox Limited 06471211 R.& S.L. North (Builders) Limited 00712974 Russell Morton Engineering Limited 08125720 Safety Construction & Maintenance Ltd Savile & Stone Ltd 04932457 Set Installations Ltd 04657342 Slimline IGU UK Ltd t/a Saxon Glass 07170747 Smart Automotive (Derby) Limited 07152289 The S.M.E Team Limited 05979313 Snow Goose Restaurant & Cafe Bar Limited Soup-urb Limited 07565246 Southern Environmental Wall Installations Sparx-IT Limited 04068969 The Sprayshop (Southern) Limited 08322636 SQ-Mile Systems Limited 07289270 S R Building Contractors Limited 06405417 Storky Inns Limited 07760405 Suprema Concepts Limited 06605849 Thames Valley Meats Limited 04284636 The Building & Paving Company 05757171 TJR Express Freight Limited 08252023 Top Offshore Consulting Limited 07823849 Tricycle Media Limited 04703854 T R Services (Bristol) Ltd 02641943 UK Buckets Limited 07921653 The Ultimate Company (UK) Limited 06886232 Underwood Social Club and Institute Limited IP16160R V12 Landscapes Ltd 07228691 VNC Cleaning Limited 06811180 VNC Cleaning NE Ltd 08712230 Web 3 Retail Limited 06307749 WEB3R Ltd 08725433 Wells Poultry (Wales) Limited 06799868 Westco Sheet Metal Fabrications Ltd 03545624 West Coastal White Line Co. Limited 03375830 West Stone Enterprises Limited 09162839 SCHEDULE 4 Compulsory Winding Up cases Name Company Number Court Court No Apollo Vending Services Limited 04665355 Liverpool District Registry 402 of 2014 SCHEDULE 5 Company Voluntary Arrangement cases Name Company Number Pit Couriers Ltd 08355613 Western Environmental Limited 02621149 SCHEDULE 6 Administration cases Name Company Number Court Court No Beck Samson Ltd T/A Hunters Estate Agents Wokingham 08507616 High Court of Justice Manchester District Registry 2935 of 2015 CCA Distribution Limited 04325471 High Court of Justice Manchester District Registry 2377 of 2009 Infinity Holdings Limited 05149660 High Court of Justice Manchester District Registry 1936 of 2010 Infinity Distribution Limited 05017188 High Court of Justice Manchester District Registry 2371 of 2010 MPH (Northwest) Limited 07870086 Manchester District Registry 3015 of 2015 Vantruck Limited 02926466 High Court of Justice Manchester District Registry 2400 of 2015 THE DEPARTMENT FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT THE PENSIONS ACT (NORTHERN IRELAND) 2015 THE PENSIONS (2015 ACT) (CONSEQUENTIAL AMENDMENTS) (UNITS OF ADDITIONAL PENSION) ORDER (NORTHERN IRELAND) 2015 The Department for Social Development has made a Statutory Rule entitled “The Pensions (2015 Act) (Consequential Amendments) (Units of Additional Pension) Order (Northern Ireland) 2015” (S.R. 2015 No. 308), which came into operation on 12 October 2015. The Rule makes consequential changes to existing legislation to ensure that the full value of the voluntary Class 3A contribution is preserved. Copies of the Rule, as approved by resolution of the Northern Ireland Assembly on 8 March 2016, may be purchased from the Stationery Office at www.tsoshop.co.uk or by contacting TSO Customer Services on 0333 202 5070 or viewed online at http:// www.legislation.gov.uk/nisr. COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. The Company Law Supplement to The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette is published weekly on a Tuesday. These supplements are available to view at https:// www.thegazette.co.uk/browse-publications. OTHER NOTICES Alternatively use the search and filter feature which can be found here https://www.thegazette.co.uk/all-notices on the company number and/or name. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, PURSUANT TO SECTIONS 1064 AND 1077 OF THE COMPANIES ACT 2006, THAT IN RESPECT OF THE UNDERMENTIONED COMPANY NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF A LIQUIDATOR WAS REGISTERED RECEIVED BY ME ON 21/03/2016 AND REGISTERED ON 22/03/2016

9 Apr 2014

HARRY EARNSHAW LIMITED (Company Number 00857317 ) Registered office: 7 Byram Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 1BX Principal trading address: 7 Byram Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 1BX Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 85 of the Insolvency Act 1986, that the following resolutions were passed by the members of the above-named Company on 26 March 2014 : That the Company be wound up voluntarily. That Imogen CM Davidson of Baines & Ernst Corporate Ltd, Lloyds House, 18-22 Lloyd Street, Manchester M2 5BE be appointed Liquidator of the Company for the purposes of the voluntary winding up. At the subsequent Meeting of Creditors on 26 March 2014 the appointment of Imogen CM Davidson as Liquidator was confirmed. Imogen CM Davidson (IP number 10310) of Baines & Ernst Corporate Ltd, Lloyds House, 18-22 Lloyd Street, Manchester M2 5BE was appointed Liquidator of the Company on 26 March 2014. Further information about this case is available from Laura Prescott at the offices of Baines & Ernst Corporate Ltd on 0845 303 5999. William Hawkins, Director HERE TO HELP TRUST (CHARITY NO: 1141628) (Company Number 05855537 ) Previous Name of Company: DACAS Registered office: Downs Court Business Centre, 29 The Downs, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 2QD. To be changed for the purposes of the liquidation to: Astute House, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3HP. Former Registered office: Trafford Business Centre, Trafford House, Southmoor Industrial Estate, Southmoor Road, Manchester M23 9XD Principal trading address: Unit C Front Ground Floor, Trafford House, Southmoor Industrial Estate, Southmoor Road, Manchester M23 9LR; 2nd Floor Southmoor House, Southmoor Industrial Estate, Southmoor Road, Manchester M23 9LR; Ground Floor 4B, Birchwood One Business Park, Dewhurst Road, Birchwood, Warrington WA3 7PG; Ground Floor, 2-8 Bradshawgate, Bolton BL1 1DG; 100 Washway Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 7RE; Ground Floor and Part of 1st Floor Academy Place, Brook Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5LZ; Barton Hall, Hardy Street, Eccles, Manchester M30 7NB; Park Works, River Street, Heywood OL10 4AB; Former Brannigans, 5-7 Grand Central Leisure Park, Grant Central Square, Wellington Road, Stockport SK1 3TA; Former Club Heaven & Hell, 5-7 Grand Central Leisure Park, Grand Central Square, Wellington Road, Stockport SK1 3TA; Ground Floor Unit 2A Zebra Court, Greenside Way M24 1SW; Globe Hotel, Globe Square, Dukinfield, Tameside SK16 4RF; 179 Stamford Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire OL6 7LJ; Part Ground Floor, 157-159 Old Street, Aston under Lyne, Lancashire OL6 7SQ; Part Ground & 1st Floor, 157-159 Old Street, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire OL6 7SQ The Insolvency Act 1986 (as amended) At a General Meeting of the above named company duly convened and held at Astute House, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3HP on 28 March 2014 at 10.00 am the following resolutions were duly passed, No. 1 as a Special and No. 2 and No. 3 Ordinary Resolutions respectively: 1. That it has been proved to the satisfaction of the Meeting that the Company cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue in business, and that it would be advisable to wind up the same and, accordingly, that the Company would be wound up voluntarily. 2. That Mark Beesley and Tracy Mary Clowry of Beesley Corporate Solutions, Astute House, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3HP be and are hereby appointed Joint Liquidators for the purposes of such winding-up. 3. That the Joint Liquidators are to act as required or authorised under any enactment and such acts may be done by any one of them. Geoffrey Bright, Chairman Dated this 28 March 2014 Mark Beesley (IP No 8739) and Tracy Mary Clowry (IP No 9562) of Beesley Corporate Solutions were appointed Joint Liquidators of the Company on 28 March 2014 . Any enquiries regarding the above should be addressed to the Joint Liquidators at Beesley Corporate Solutions, Astute House, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3HP ; Tel 01625 544 795 or e-mail: mark@beesley.co.uk or tracy@beesley.co.uk . Alternative contact: Derek Ross, tel; 01625 544 795 or e-mail: derek@beesley.co.uk

9 Apr 2014

Company Number: 00857317 Name of Company: HARRY EARNSHAW LIMITED Nature of Business: Retail of footwear Type of Liquidation: Creditors Voluntary Liquidation Registered office: 7 Byram Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 1BX Principal trading address: 7 Byram Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 1BX Imogen CM Davidson of Baines & Ernst Corporate Ltd, Lloyds House, 18-22 Lloyd Street, Manchester M2 5BE Office Holder Number(s): 10310 Date of Appointment: 26 March 2014 By whom Appointed: Members and Creditors Additional contact: Further information about this case is available from Laura Prescott at the offices of Baines & Ernst Corporate Ltd on 0845 303 5999.

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Directors and Secretaries

Jean Hawkins
1 Aug 2000 ⇒ Present ( 18 Years ) Company Secretary
William Hawkins
1 Aug 2000 ⇒ Present ( 18 Years ) Director

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Previous Addresses

M2 5BE
Changed 1 Jul 2014

Changed 11 Apr 2014

Changed 25 Jan 2006

Company Annual Accounts

Accounts for Financial Year EndingDate Accounts SubmittedNumber Of Months After Year End Of Submission
31 Mar 2013 31 Mar 2013 0
31 Mar 2013 2 Sep 2013 6
31 Mar 2012 11 Jul 2012 4
31 Mar 2011 5 Aug 2011 5
31 Mar 2010 1 Dec 2010 9

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