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N20 0RA
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Manufacture of basic iron and steel including ferro alloys

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Company Registration No.:
Incorporation Date:
29 Jun 1966
Financial Year End:
31 Dec
£5,000,000.00 on 20 Apr 2010
For period ending:
31 Dec 2008
Filed on:
20 May 2009
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As at:
16 Apr 2010
Filed on:
20 Apr 2010
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Notices published in the Gazette

22 May 2018

Company Number: 006421V Interest: leasehold Lease: Lease dated 21 April 2017 and made between Yasuhiro Yoshikawa(1) and Miler Services Limited(2) Property: The Property situated at Apartment No 121, 2 Moorfields, Liverpool L2 2BS being the land comprised in and demised by the above mentioned Lease Treasury Solicitor: The Solicitor for the Affairs of Her Majesty's Treasury of PO Box 70165, London WC1A 9HG (DX 123240 Kingsway). 2 The Treasury Solicitor as nominee for the Crown (in whom the property and rights of the Company vested when the Company was dissolved) hereby disclaims the Crown`s title (if any) in the property, the vesting of the property having come to his notice on 27 April 2018. Assistant Treasury Solicitor 16 May 2018 LONDON BOROUGH OF TOWER HAMLETS THE TOWER HAMLETS (PRESCRIBED ROUTE) (2017 NO.2) (AMENDMENT NO. 1) ORDER 2018 1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, on Monday 14th May 2018 made the above mentioned Order under Section 6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Local Government Act 1985 and the Road Traffic Act 1991 and in accordance with regulation 23 of the Local Authorities Traffic Order (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996. 2. The effect of The Tower Hamlets (Prescribed Route) (2017 No.2) (Amendment No. 1) Traffic Order 2018, will be to prohibit all vehicles from entering, stopping or proceeding in that length of carriageway in Blackwall Way in the said London Borough except for buses (that is, stage carriage, express carriage or school bus), motor cycles or pedal cycles from a point approximately 10 metres, south-west, of the south-western kerb line of Newport Avenue to a point approximately 40 metres, south-west, of the south-western kerb line of Newport Avenue. 3. A copy of the Order which will come into operation on Monday 28th May 2018 can be inspected, by prior appointment, at the offices of Place Directorate, Network Management Team, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, First Floor, Room 1.7, John Onslow House, 1 Ewart Place, London E3 5EQ, during normal office hours on Monday to Fridays inclusive, until the expiration of a period of 6 weeks from the date on which the Order was made. 4. Any person desiring to question the validity of the Order or of any provision provided therein on the grounds that it is not within the relevant powers of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or that any of the relevant requirements thereof or any relevant regulations made there under have not been complied with in relation to the Order, may within six weeks of the date on which the Order were made, make application for the purpose to the High Court. Robin Payne Interim Divisional Director, Public Realm Dated 21st May 2018 OTHER NOTICES OTHER NOTICES 3031918IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE BUSINESS AND PROPERTY COURTS OF ENGLAND AND WALES INSOLVENCY AND COMPANIES LIST (CHD) CASE REFERENCE NO. CR-2018-003707 Notice is hereby given that, by an Order of Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Briggs, in the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales dated 4 May 2018 (“the Order”) that: Elizabeth Arakapiotis (IP number 9209) (“the First Applicant”) was removed as Officeholder in the cases listed in Schedules 1 to 6 below and Andreas Arakapiotis (IP number 20910) of Kallis & Company, Mountview Court, 1148 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 0RA (telephone 020 8446 6699) was appointed as Officeholder in her place. In the case of the Administrations listed in Schedule 1 below, the First Applicant be released forthwith from any and all liability past, present or future in respect of any act(s) and/or omissions in relation to her conduct as officeholder of the estates. Such release to take effect 21 days from the date of this Gazette Advertisement, save in respect of any claim notified to the First Applicant pursuant to the Insolvency Act 1986 and pursuant to such other provision as may apply on or prior to the notice date. In the cases listed in Schedules 2 to 6 (inclusive) below, the First Applicant be released forthwith from any and all liability past, present or future in respect of any act(s) and/or omissions in relation to her conduct as officeholder of the estates 21 days from the date of this Gazette Advertisement. Each creditor of each bankruptcy, liquidation and administration case, who has an objection to the Order, has liberty to apply to vary or discharge the Order. Creditors shall have 21 days from the date of this Advertisement to apply to court to set aside or vary the terms of the Order. Such application shall not affect the transfer of the cases listed in Schedules 1 to 6 below until further or other order by the court. Schedule 1 - Administration Case Name Court Name Reference Number Year Company Number The Content Store Limited The High Court of Justice 002555 2017 08955131 City Commercial Cleaning Limited The High Court of Justice 004892 2017 07267172 Star Case (UK) Limited The High Court of Justice 005082 2017 02075324 Schedule 2 - Bankruptcy Case Name Court Name Reference Number Year Dimitrios Tsoukas County Court of Sheffield 0110 2016 Jade Almarie Louise Ewen County Court at Central Lodnon 4565 2014 Mark John Wilkins Bolton County Court 0101 2015 Schedule 3 – Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations Case Name Company Number Anna A1 Limited 07918015 Avocarrot Limited 08359819 Baag (Northolt) Ltd t/a Blue Orchid Restaurant & 08771782 Base-Apps Systems Limited 07054983 Bespoke Performance Wheels Limited 08307369 Blackcrown Estates Limited 04416843 Blackcrown Industrial Properties Limited 04373144 Blackcrown Investments Limited 04291421 Blue Thirteen Limited 07432425 Bond International Accountants Limited 07198685 Camden Kebab Limited 08427880 Cassidy Partnership Limited 06610949 Chigwell (Shepherds Bush) Ltd 07415643 Climax Clothing Limited 08427441 CSS Realisations 2017 Limited 02795071 Cube Limited 03740923 D’etre Limited t/a D’etre 07072891 Ebaths Online Limited 08965048 ELS International Lawyers LLP OC317454 ESPH LLP OC310617 ESPH Treatments Limited 07568384 Eternity Restaurant Limited 07777885 OTHER NOTICES Case Name Company Number Etonlaw Limited 07183800 Evergreen Oil Plc 01542056 Food Laboratory Wales Limited t/a FLW 06772313 ForYou Fashions (UK) Limited 09337204 Gurkha Valley Limited 04962333 Hammond of Hendon Limited 04804870 Hudson Brickwork Contractors Limited 05045669 Imagination Developments (London) Limited 07834710 J.P.E. Plumbing Services Limited 05419011 Kronic IT Limited 06293208 Leston Catering Company Limited 01061487 LP Construction & Property Development Limited 07572418 LP Construction (Property Development) Limited 08497408 M B Building Services Limited 04532958 Maliki Limited t/a Club Sakura 07953496 Mercury Engraving and Diesinking Limited 01092626 Metropolitan Venture Capital LLP OC381185 MPP2010 Limited 00882427 New Leaf Communications Limited 05874280 Nin3 Lives Limited 09650553 Olive Audio Visual Limited 05416412 Paramount Construction & Development Limited 04131195 Pixelmags Development UK LLP OC366076 Pixelmags UK Limited 07639778 Primeitem Limited 02974182 R.P.W Property Maintenance Limited 05678405 Ravess Limited 09336667 RCP Associates Limited 08215766 Rebel Garments Limited 05876495 Reigate Construction Limited 05556015 Roebuck Energy Limited 07669305 Rural Services UK Limited 06476076 S J Contractors (UK) Limited 05136394 S P J Pressings Limited 07170303 Sidereal Solutions Limited 03673497 Sitindustrie Valves Limited 03263890 Smart Smoke Distribution Limited 08714212 Spring Cafe (Barking) Limited 8625282 TES Total Solutions Limited 04780032 The Rock Collective Limited 09107080 Tobian Properties Limited 03245870 Tyefield Limited 06214229 Universal Demolition Services Limited 08065073 Valorous Limited 06251475 Whitecrown Estates Limited 04416861 Whitecrown Investments Limited 04416853 Whitecrown Properties Limited 04416857 Woodworks Interiors Limited 07139605 Y.C.M.S. Ltd 04018312 OTHER NOTICES Case Name Company Number Your Glass Limited 06492617 Schedule 4 – Members’ Voluntary Liquidations Case Name Company Number Brearley Economics Limited 08450315 Business Affairs Services Limited 05755308 Circumference Limited 02609354 Corby Polymex Limited 01830971 Cyberthink Limited 05676073 Danarelle Limited 07536480 Itcal Limited 03828404 Makor Securities LLP OC355711 Star Fighter Touring Limited 06061343 Timeflow Limited 02167178 Schedule 5 – Compulsory Liquidation Case Name Court Name Reference Number Year Company Number Medina Gardens Prop Limited In the High Court of Justice 002776 2017 10291246 Schedule 6 – Individual Voluntary Arrangements Case Name Court Name Reference Number Year Demedris Coudounas Simonetta Pes High Court of Justice 853 2015 3031917HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS NOTICE OF SEIZURE UNDER THE CUSTOMS AND EXCISE MANAGEMENT ACT 1979 Pursuant to Section 139(6) of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 (hereinafter the Act) and paragraph 1 of the Schedule 3 thereto, the Commissioners of Revenue & Customs hereby give notice that by virtue of the powers contained in the Customs and Excise acts certain goods namely: Renault Traffic Index: YS54 SPV Has been seized as liable to forfeiture by force of the following provisions: Hydrocarbon Oil Duties Act 1979 Section 13 Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 Sections 49 and 141. If you claim that the said goods are not liable to forfeiture you must within one month from the date of this notice of seizure give notice of your claim in writing in accordance with paragraphs 3 and 4 of Schedule 3 of the Act. If you are outside the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man you must give the name and address of a solicitor in the United Kingdom who is authorised to accept services of process and act on your behalf. If you do not give proper notice of claim within the said period of one month or if any requirement of the above mentioned paragraph 4 is not complied with the goods will be deemed to have been duly condemned as forfeited. If you do give notice of claim in proper form, the Commissioners will take legal proceedings for the condemnation of the goods. Please send any notice of appeal to the following address; Specialist Investigations Appeals & Reviews team PO Box 29992 Glasgow G70 6AB E-mail: Telephone Number: 01622 760402 In addition to the above any potential owner of the vehicle has an opportunity to analyse fuel samples drawn from the said vehicle. Any application for the samples is to be made to the same address. Commissioners of Revenue & Customs Ged Bailey Higher Officer HM Revenue & Customs The form CB01 relating to a cross-border merger, was received by Companies House on: 11th May 2018 The particulars for each merging company are as follows: B2Mobility GmbH 45 Wittener Strasse Bochum Germany Limited liability Company governed by the laws of Germany Registered number HRB 16999 Registered in Germany at Local Court of Bochum Amtsgericht Bochum, Handelsregister, 44782 Bochum, Deutschland International Card Centre Limited Chertsey Road Sunbury on Thames Middlesex TW16 7BP United Kingdom Private Limited Company governed by the laws of England and Wales Registered number 00462273 Registered in England and Wales at Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ Information relating to International Card Centre Limited is available from Companies House, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ Regulation 10 of The Companies (Cross-Border Mergers) Regulations 2007 requires copies of the draft terms of merger, the directors’ report and (if there is one) the independent expert’s report to be kept available for inspection. Please find below details of the meeting summoned under regulation 11 (power of court to summon meeting of members or creditors) 30th July 2018 at 4:00pm at Chertsey Road, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7BP COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. The Company Law Supplement to The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette is published weekly on a Tuesday. These supplements are available to view at https:// OTHER NOTICES Alternatively use the search and filter feature which can be found here on the company number and/or name. MONEY PENSIONS MONEY W J HOOKER LIMITED PENSION PLAN PURSUANT TO SECTION 27 OF THE TRUSTEES ACT 1925 W J Hooker Limited Pension Plan ("the Plan") was established with effect from 4 May 1978. W J Hooker Limited went into Liquidation on 14 December 2015. Clumber Consultancy Pension Trustees Limited of Registered Office, Edwinstowe House, High Street, Edwinstowe, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 9PR, were appointed by the Liquidator in their capacity as Trustee to the Scheme. The Trustees have corresponded by post with all known members of the Scheme. Accordingly, it is of vital importance that any person having a claim against or an interest in the Scheme, including any person who may have been employed by the company or an associated employer on a part time basis and who considers that his or her conclusion from the Scheme may have constituted indirect discrimination, who has not received correspondence from us should make themselves known to Clumber Consultancy Pension Trustees Limited. Particulars of any claim should be sent in writing to the under- mentioned contact on or before 17 July 2018, after which date the Trustees will proceed with the winding up of the Scheme and distribution of the scheme assets having regard only to the claims and interests of which it has had notice. Notification is not required from persons who are currently in receipt of a pension from the Scheme, or who have received correspondence relating to the Scheme from the Trustees. Denise van Gellecum, Clumber Consultancy Limited, Edwinstowe House, High Street, Edwinstowe, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 9PR. JACQUES VERT (2006) PENSION SCHEME To: All members and beneficiaries of the Jacques Vert (2006) Pension Scheme (including the following predecessor schemes; the Baird Group Pension Scheme, Centaur Clothes Group Retirement Fund, Centaur Clothes Group Pension Scheme, Darchem Limited Staff Pension Scheme, Darchem Factory Scheme, Darchem Money Purchase Pension Scheme, Dannimac Superannuation Fund and Life Assurance Scheme, and Lowe Alpine Group (UK) Limited 1994 Retirement Benefits Scheme), together the "Scheme". Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925, that the Trustee is winding-up the Scheme. The Trustee of the Scheme believes that all members and beneficiaries entitled to benefits under the Scheme have received a letter from Hymans Robertson LLP (the Scheme's administrators) providing details about the winding up of the Scheme. In due course, the Scheme will cease to exist. Accordingly, it is important that if you believe that you are entitled to benefits under the Scheme, but you have not been contacted by Hymans Robertson LLP, you should make contact as soon as possible with the Trustee by writing to: The Trustee of the Jacques Vert (2006) Pension Scheme, c/o Hymans Robertson LLP, 20 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 6DB. You should provide your full name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number and details of when and where you worked whilst you were a member of the Scheme, or if you are a beneficiary claiming through a member of the Scheme, then you should provide your name, address and date of birth as well as the details listed above in respect of the member. If you believe that you have a claim against or an interest in the Scheme, you are requested to write to the address above, setting out particulars of your claim. You must do this as soon as possible and in any event before 20 July 2018. If you are in receipt of a pension from the Scheme, or if you have transferred your Scheme entitlement to another pension scheme or arrangement or if you have received correspondence relating to the Scheme (from the Trustee or the Scheme’s administrators) within the last 12 months then you do not need to do anything. Any notification must be made by 20 July 2018. This is because after this date, the Trustee will finalise securing benefits for any remaining beneficiaries. The Trustee can do this having regard only to the claims and interests of which they have prior notice. As a result the Trustee will not be liable to any person for a claim of which they do not have notice.

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Directors and Secretaries

Fausto Bocciolone
2 Aug 2002 ⇒ Present ( 16 Years ) Director
Graham Cook
before 30 Apr 1992 ⇒ Present ( 26 Years ) Director
Mark Winnard
1 Jun 2004 ⇒ Present ( 14 Years ) Company Secretary

Charges / mortgages against this Company

MORTGAGE DEBENTURE - PART of the property or undertaking has been released and no longer forms part of the charge on 4 May 1994

Previous Company Names

Changed 29 Dec 2010

Previous Addresses

Changed 12 Nov 2010

Changed 28 May 1992

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Company Annual Accounts

Accounts for Financial Year EndingDate Accounts SubmittedNumber Of Months After Year End Of Submission
31 Dec 2008 20 May 2009 5
31 Dec 2007 12 Jun 2008 6
31 Dec 2006 10 May 2007 5
31 Dec 2005 18 Oct 2006 10
31 Dec 2004 22 Apr 2005 4

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