Frequently Asked Questions

Company Listings

  • How do I remove my company from your website?
  • The information provided on the website is in the public domain, and available from a number of sources.

    Our website provides a service by making this public information easily accessible.

    We are unable to remove this information from our website as it must replicate the public file but we can ask that search engines do not index this page so if someone was to search your company name it will not be listed by the search engines

    Please send an email to to request this.

  • The information on my company is incorrect, how do I change it?
  • On the page for your company is a link labeled 'Update your company details', press the link and follow the form.
  • Can I add my company to your website?

Company Documents

  • How do you supply the documents that I purchase?
  • We will email you a PDF copy of the documents, and also provide you with a link which allows you to view and download the documents directly from our website. We send the email within a few minutes of the documents being purchased.
  • How do I pay for a document?
  • We use PayPal to process our payments. PayPal allows you to pay for your documents via credit and debit card, or directly from your bank account. Using PayPal is very safe, we do not hold or have access to the details of your credit card or bank account
  • Can you invoice me?
  • Yes, we offer a PrePay account. We will send you an invoice which can be paid directly into our bank account or via cheque.
    We then supply you with a batch of voucher codes which are used to purchase the documents on the website.
    We will give you a 25% discount on the normal prices on the website.
    However, there is a minimum purchase quantity of 25 documents because of the extra administration costs involved.
    Please contact us for more information,


  • What are your terms and conditions of sale?
  • Our full terms and conditions of sale are here
  • Where are the documents I ordered?
  • It typically takes about a minute after payment is received for your documents to be retrieved. Credit card payments are normally processed instantly. Your documents are emailed to you and also provided directly on the website. Check you Junk Mail folder if the email did not turn up, it may have been incorrectly filtered. Also click the 'Your Documents' link at the top of this page to view all the documents that you have purchased.
  • I ordered the wrong documents, can I get a refund?
  • Sorry, because we deliver the documents instantly online, we cannot refund an incorrect purchase.
  • What is a Voucher Code and where can I get one?
  • We will issue you a voucher code if there has been a problem with a sale, this will allow you to purchase a free document. We also supply vouchers for pre paid accounts, a pre pay account allows you to purchase documents at a substantial discount. Contact us for more information,


Contact Details

  • Who owns the website?
  • is a website owned and run by
    Comdevelopment Limted

    Registered Office:
    Suite 15909
    145-157 ST. JOHN STREET
    EC1V 4PW

    Registered Company Number: 03498208
    Place of Registration: England & Wales

  • Our Contact details
  • Please use our Contact form with any questions, you should get a response within 24 hours.