How to update a company's information on this website:

Step 1.

Enter your email address below.
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If possible, use your company email address, not Hotmail, AOL, Gmail or Yahoo, this helps us to verify that you are making a legitimate change.

Step 2.

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Do you use a Trading Name which is different from the Company Name registered at the Companies House?

Do you use a Trading Address which is different from the Companies House Registered Address?

Step 3.

Press the 'Submit Changes' button below.
We then need to check the information that you give us is valid before we can accept it on the website.

So we take the following steps:

  1. First we will send you an email, this email will contain a 'Click To Confirm' link in it
  2. You need to click on that link to confirm that you want the changes made to the company.
  3. We then check the information you supplied. This may happen automatically or this may be done manually. We may contact you to check the details.
  4. Finally, if everything looks good, we will update the website. Once the changes are live then we will send you another email as confirmation

Thanks, please be patient, sorry the process is so involved, but we need to tightly control what we show on the website.