Public sector transactions of DERBY CITY COUNCIL RESOURCES DEP made with A Public Body Spend over £500 in Department for Transport and its arms’ length bodies

The Department for Transport (DFT) has published monthly consolidated files of invoice payments; grant payments, and other payment transactions in accordance with the Prime Minister’s requirements on transparency and subsequent Treasury guidance. The information covers the period from 01 April 2009.<br> <br> The threshold for disclosing transactions is over £500 for the central department, its agencies and arm's length bodies. The status of those included in this initiative is as follows:<br> <br> Department:<br> Department for Transport<br> <br> Executive agencies:<br> Highways Agency,<br> Government Car and Despatch Agency,<br> Maritime and Coastguard Agency,<br> Vehicle Certification Agency<br> <br> Trading Funds:<br> Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,<br> Driving Standards Agency,<br> Vehicle and Operators Services Agency<br> <br> Non Department Public Bodies:<br> (Please note: not all NDPBs incur relevant expenditure for each period)<br> British Transport Police Authority,<br> CTRL Section 1 Finance PLC,<br> Directly Operated Railways Limited,<br> High Speed 2,<br> LCR Finance PLC,<br> London and Continental Railways Limited,<br> Passenger Focus,<br> Renewable Fuels Agency<br> <br> The status of the above entities is as defined by the Office for National Statistics.<br> <br> The published data excludes personal data such as payroll and staff travel expenses.<br>


Source Transactions Amount
April 2009 to March 2010 return 6 £283,655.67
December 2010 return 1 £150,017.00
February 2013 return 2 £146,567.09
February 2014 return 4 £764,625.00
February 2015 return 2 £405,789.22
June 2010 return 2 £394,605.00
March 2011 return 2 £168,389.00
May 2014 return 2 £764,625.00
May 2015 return 2 £976,264.00
November 2012 return 2 £22,067.33
November 2013 return 2 £764,625.00
September 2010 return 2 £90,942.00

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