Accounts Analysis

The following analysis is opinion only and should not be interpreted as financial advice.

The analysis is based on the following accounts:

Annual Accounts dated 31 December 2022
Based on the provided company accounts and financial statements for Louis Poulsen UK Limited for the year ended 31 December 2022, the following conclusions can be made:

1. Financial Performance:
- Revenue decreased slightly from £1,543,277 in 2021 to £1,522,688 in 2022.
- Gross profit increased from £209,036 in 2021 to £230,946 in 2022.
- Operating profit decreased from £61,269 in 2021 to £45,342 in 2022.
- Profit before tax decreased from £66,271 in 2021 to £51,645 in 2022.
- Profit for the financial year decreased from £55,264 in 2021 to £38,835 in 2022.

2. Financial Position:
- Non-current assets increased from £2,059 in 2021 to £7,076 in 2022, primarily due to additions to property, plant, and equipment.
- Current assets decreased from £540,859 in 2021 to £535,100 in 2022, mainly driven by a decrease in receivables.
- Payables decreased from £270,500 in 2021 to £230,923 in 2022.
- Net assets increased from £272,418 in 2021 to £311,253 in 2022, primarily due to retained earnings.

3. Liquidity and Solvency:
- The company's liquidity position appears to be stable, with a cash balance of £161,336 at the end of 2022.
- The company's solvency position is satisfactory, with net assets exceeding liabilities.

4. Going Concern:
- The directors have adopted the going concern basis in preparing the financial statements, based on their assessment of the company's financial projections and ongoing committed financial support from the parent undertaking.
- The directors believe that the company has sufficient resources to continue in operation for at least 12 months from the date of signing the financial statements.

5. Taxation:
- The company incurred a tax expense of £12,810 in 2022, compared to £11,007 in 2021, due to current and deferred taxes.
- The tax charge is in line with the applicable tax rates and laws.

6. Related Party Transactions:
- The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Louis Poulsen A/S, and related party transactions have been disclosed and considered.

Overall, based on the financial statements, the company appears to be financially stable, albeit with a slight decrease in revenue and profit compared to the previous year. The company's liquidity and solvency positions are satisfactory, and the directors have expressed confidence in the company's ability to continue operating as a going concern. However, a more detailed analysis, including the understanding of market conditions and industry trends, would be necessary to provide a comprehensive assessment of the company's overall financial health and performance.

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