Three steps to keep your address private

Surprised to find your private residential address is being published on the Internet?  Discover why and take the three steps to keep your address private.  

Why is your address published here?

When you become an officer of a company, for example a director or company secretary,  then certain information is made public.  It is made public by being placed on ‘Public Registers’ of information, which the general public can inspect.

The information which is public is specified by the Companies Act 2006 Section 163

For a director, this information is:

  • name
  • address
  • occupation
  • nationality
  • date of birth

Residential Address or Service Address

A director can supply both a Residential Address and a Service Address.  The Service Address appears on the public registers, where as the Residential Address has restricted access.  By default, if only the Residential Address is supplied to Companies House, then the Residential Address is also used as the publicly accessible Service Address.

So register a Service Address with Companies House to keep your Residential Address private.

The three steps to keep your address private

Step 1. Get an address which can be used as a Service Address.

A Service Address needs to have a physical location.  For example, it cannot just be a P.O Box number.  This restricts you using a postal redirection service for your Service Address.

Companies In The UK provides a Service Address facility for only £39.95 (ex VAT) per year.

Our Service Address facility provides you with:

  • a physical address, based in Poole.
  • an online mail box.  We scan any of your mail received at the address and place it in an online mailbox.  You then choose if you want the mail forwarded on to you, or the individual pages of it scanned.  The plan allows for one letter per month to be scanned free of charge, further letters are charged at a nominal rate.  You can access the online mail box from anywhere in the world via your Internet Browser.

Be careful of using other Service Address services.  Most services do not have a scanning facility.  Instead they will forward on any mail received at your cost.  Because the Service Address is a public address, they often receive large amounts of junk mail, which you then end up paying to have forwarded on to you.

Step 2. Register the Service Address at Companies House

Use form CH01, available here or directly online here to tell Companies House, the official register of Company Information, about the change of address.

Step 3. Refresh the information held about the company

Once Companies House have accepted the Change Of Address details, the updated address will automatically flow to this website and many other users of the address details.  This typically take a few weeks to propagate out.  At Companies In The UK you can expedite this by clicking on the ‘Check for Updates’ link on the associated company’s page, see the image below.