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23 November 2016
BRIMAR LIMITED (Company Number 03230282) Registered office: 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AT Principal trading address: Greenside Way, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1SN WE HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that Antony David Nygate (IP no. 9237) and Kerry Bailey (IP no. 8780) of BDO LLP, 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AT were appointed Joint Liquidators of the above named company on 26 September 2013 and 21 July 2016 respectively. All debts and claims should be sent to us at the address above by 30 December 2016. The Joint Liquidators may be contacted care of [email protected] quoting KB/JW/00235873. Antony David Nygate and Kerry Franchina Bailey , Joint Liquidators 21 November 2016

2 January 2018
PURCHASE COMPANY LIMITED Company Number: 4110520 Interest: freehold Title number: SY512919 Property: The Property situated at Land on the North Nest side of Station Avenue, Walton-on-Thames being the land comprised in the above mentioned title Treasury Solicitor: The Solicitor for the Affairs of Her Majesty's Treasury of PO Box 70165, London WC1A 9HG (DX 123240 Kingsway). 2 In pursuance of the powers granted by Section 1013 of the Companies Act 2006, the Treasury Solicitor as nominee for the Crown (in whom the property and rights of the Company vested when the Company was dissolved) hereby disclaims the Crown`s title (if any) in the property, the vesting of the property having come to his notice on 5 October 2017. Assistant Treasury Solicitor 22 December 2017 OTHER NOTICES OTHER NOTICES 2938758TRANSFER OF CASES On 15 December 2017 a Court Order was made removing Wendy Jane Wardell as Joint Trustee (Bankruptcies) / Joint Liquidator (Compulsory Liquidations) in the following cases and appointing me in her place: BANKRUPTCIES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Aaron Kristian Binns Bristol County Court 796 2013 Adam Mansbridge County Court at Sheffield 120 2015 Adrian Challis West Reading County Court 379 2013 Agnes Parker County Court at Croydon 62 2015 Alan John Oliver County Court at Cardiff 265 2014 Alan Kevin Hainsworth Bradford County Court 142 2013 Alan Lambton County Court at Leeds 400 2014 Alan Neil Jordan Bristol County Court 1123 2012 Alan Parsons County Court at Neath and Port Talbot 2 2015 Alan Paul Tutton County Court at Newport (Gwent) 382 2007 Alanna Jane Frew aka Alanna Jane Fish County Court at Norwich 12 2015 Aleksandar Vuckovic Cambridge County Court 196 2013 Alex Sefolli County Court At Northampton 89 2016 Alexander Mikal Staszko County Court At Tameside 35 2016 Alexandra Erin Frances Connolly Stoke-on-Trent County Court 239 2013 Alistair Iain Campbell Bournemouth County Court 757 2010 Alun Idris Evans Aberystwyth County Court 1 2017 Alyn Davies County Court At Neath And Port Talbot 13 2016 Amanda Jayne Steel County Court at Nottingham 299 2015 Amanda Kathleen Taylor Liverpool County Court 2 2014 Amarjit Singh Lalli County Court at Huddersfield 47 2016 Andrew David Beasley Weymouth and Dorchester County Court 37 2013 Andrew James Oliver County Court at Middlesbrough 107 2015 Andrew John Draper Norwich County Court 54 2013 Andrew John Hart County Court at Dudley 0020 2017 Andrew John Waters Norwich County Court 305 2012 Andrew McIver Coventry County Court 343 2013 Andrew Peter French County Court at Ipswich 38 2015 Andrew Zenon Kosicki County Court at Halifax 90 2014 Angela Victoria Wheller Bristol County Court 1051 2007 Ann Legg Southampton County Court 238 2012 Ann Maria Devaney Manchester District Registry 5030 2013 Anthony Bossman Reading County Court 10 2014 Anthony John Walton County Court at Central London 921 2015 Antonietta Brown County Court at Milton Keynes 122 2014 Antony Button County Court At Brighton 369 2015 Ashley John Bennett County Court At Luton 181 2015 Ashok Patel (Deceased) County Court at Croydon 245 2014 B Di Gennaro and BJ Carr t/a Grazie Pasta Caffe Harrogate County Court 2 2014 Balbir Dhaliwal Birmingham County Court 1764 2010 Barbara Eileen Clark Neath And Port Talbot County Court 84 2013 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Barbara Leonard Blackpool County Court 637 2009 Beverley Jane Carr Harrogate County Court 2 2014 Bhutesh Dhirubhai Gandhi Huddersfield County Court 45 2014 Blake John Watkins Walsall County Court 84 2013 Brenda Case County Court at Bristol 545 2015 Brendan Peter Lewis Ratchford County Court At Central London 144 2016 Bruno Di Gennaro Harrogate County Court 2 2014 Bryan Frederick Ivor Hands County Court at Chelmsford 121 2014 Calvin Swaby County Court at Central London 3770 2014 Carl Anthony Powell County Court At Gloucester and Cheltenham 80 2016 Carl David Creasor County Court at Cambridge 159 2014 Carol Ann Moscardini County Court at Liverpool 270 2015 Catherine Hayley Brown Derby County Court 356 2013 Charles Raymond Lloyd County Court at Bradford 248 2014 Charlotte Tysom County Court at Bedford 45 2015 Christina Mary Ann Moriarty Central London County Court 5762 2012 Christine Brenda King Doncaster County Court 95 2003 Christopher David Heslop County Court At Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 493 2015 Christopher Edward Vaines Newport (Gwent) County Court 235 2013 Christopher Paul County Court at Hastings 82 2017 Christopher Paul Evitt County Court at Wolverhampton 22 2015 Clifford Lewin Chapman Bristol County Court 356 1998 Clive Ivor James County Court at Cardiff 97 2015 Colin Peaker Huddersfield County Court 255 2013 Colin Worthing Gloucester & Cheltenham County Court 187 2013 Craig Robert Luker County Court at Bristol 310 2015 Daniel Capstick-Dale Portsmouth County Court 197 2004 Daniel Harley Smith Central London County Court 3895 2012 Danny Conetta County Court at Luton 125 2014 Darren Jon Ferneyhough Portsmouth County Court 381 2006 Darren Robert Hobbs Medway County Court 308 2013 Darren William Small County Court at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1047 2014 David Alexander Campbell (deceased) Rochdale County Court 33 1996 David Ekwealor High Court of Justice 3281 2014 David Jeremy Atkinson County Court at Darlington 59 2015 David John Allen Office Of The Adjudicator 5026268 2017 David John Holness Colchester County Court 169 2015 David John Lowe Cambridge County Court 110 2009 David John Tudor Griffiths County Court at Cardiff 45 2015 David Kilmaine McKinnon De Ferrars Medway County Court 622 1993 David Robert Myhill Cambridge County Court 121 2014 David Stuart Burns Office Of The Adjudicator 5007798 2016 David Thomas Shaw County Court at Bolton 89 2014 David William Tomlin Hertford County Court 32 2015 David Winston Hopkins Brighton County Court 118 2004 David Wintle County Court At Gloucester And Cheltenham 85 2016 Dean Anthony Collett In the Office of the Adjudicator 5014372 2016 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Dean Peter Parkin Office of the Adjudicator 5032068 2017 Debra Louise Hall County Court at Plymouth 101 2014 Dennis Butler Slough County Court 103 2014 Derrick George Sutherland County Court At Central London 1313 2016 Diane Cynthia Lilian Berry Carmarthen County Court 32 2014 Dominic John Sullivan County Court At Cardiff 80 2016 Doreen Julie Murphy Milton Keynes County Court 42 2014 Dragana Boricic Cambridge County Court 197 2013 Dragutin Popovic County Court At Central London 2325 2014 Edward Gilbert Reynolds Guildford County Court 270 2012 Edward Uriah Dawkins County Court at Romford 108 2015 Eleanor Margaret Bradrick County Court at Brighton 158 2015 Elizabeth Cole County Court at Blackpool 142 2014 Elizabeth Janet Pennell County Court at Brighton 452 2015 Elizabeth Virginia Glenn-Wright Caernarfon County Court 108 2012 Ellis Kevin Eastham Tameside County Court 53 2014 Elona Agba County Court At Luton 0001 2017 Endaf Wilson County Court At Central London 63 2016 Eseh Glenroy Ugolor County Court at Croydon 0000053 2016 Eunice McLaughlin County Court at Croydon 508 2014 Felix Thomas Croydon County Court 1221 2011 Florencia Gustave Romford County Court 414 2013 Frank O'Neill Ford County Court At Croydon 765 2015 Franz Benedikt Schmittmann County Court at Portsmouth 220 2014 Gareth Kenneth Gullidge County Court at Merthyr Tydfil 36 2015 Gareth Lloyd County Court at Cardiff 90 2015 Gareth Woodward County Court at Huddersfield 56 2014 Garfield Matthew Symester County Court at Bristol 973 2012 Gary George Francis High Court of Justice 832 2015 Gavin James Jones County Court at Dudley 169 2013 Gbeye Ayerite Croydon County Court 142 2013 Geoffrey Brian Franklin Croydon County Court 168 2007 George James Stammers Northampton County Court 27 2014 George Samuel Smith County Court of Oxford 5 2017 Gerard Murphy High Court of Justice 7715 2008 Gerard Norman Syddall County Court at Stoke on Trent 105 2015 Gholamhossein Rezazadeh Isfahani Brighton County Court 655 2012 Gilbert Kenneth Kinch Leicester County Court 342 2002 Gladys Gordon County Court at Bath 162 2014 Gordon Kegg County Court at Stockport 69 2014 Graham Eugene Seddon Hastings County Court 107 2013 Graham John Foster County Court At Central London 104 2016 Grant Matthew Miller County Court at Slough 303 2014 Gregory Coad County Court At Portsmouth 7 2017 Gwendolyne Iona Green High Court Of Justice 4049 2015 Hasan Astan Northampton County Court 552 2011 Helen Sarah Terebessy aka Helen Sarah Dawson High Court of Justice 2239 2015 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Helena Jayne Teat County Court at Peterborough 191 2015 Henry Stanley Nurkowski Bath County Court 25 1999 Howard Paul John Berkin Office of the Adjudicator 5023364 2017 Ian Gordon Donald County Court at Canterbury 267 2014 Ian Matthew Greiff Darlington County Court 174 2008 Imogen Holly Aird County Court At Brighton 59 2016 Imran Ismail Patel County Court at Huddersfield 135 2015 Imtiaz Patel Bournemouth & Poole County Court 245 2013 Innathul Zeenia Conybeare Leicester County Court 195 2013 Irfan Ahmed Croydon County Court 713 2013 Ivo Joseph Chapman Bristol County Court 355 1998 Izabela Joanna Mayne County Court at Brighton 140 2015 Jacqueline Marren County Court at Bradford 21 2016 Jacqueline Stretton Halifax County Court 35 2013 Jaffer Mir County Court At Leeds 745 2016 James Anthony Storey High Court Of Justice 92 2016 James Matthew Garnett Office Of The Adjudicator 5009300 2016 James Patrick Emmett County Court At Central London 861 2016 James Robert Rowley Northampton County Court 138 2011 James Severn Brown (now deceased) Macclesfield County Court 161 2010 Janice Bennett Office Of The Adjudicator 5007622 2016 Jason Lee Patrick Office Of The Adjudicator 5030150 2017 Jean Wilkins (Deceased) Doncaster County Court 244 2013 Jeffrey Anthony Warren County Court at Blackwood 146 2007 Jeffrey Laidlaw Newport (Gwent) County Court 241 2012 Jemma Catherine Vaines Newport (Gwent) County Court 234 2013 Jeremy Graham Gould Newport (Gwent) County Court 153 1996 Jessica Ann Fox Liverpool County Court 719 2014 Joanna Mary Carlin Bath County Court 93 2013 Joanne Mary Kelly County Court at Southampton 74 2014 Jody Dean Firth County Court at Wakefield 104 2015 John David Snelgrove York County Court 5 2011 John Eric Morgan Manchester County Court 1160 2013 John Griffin Bath County Court 433 2009 John Leslie Cartwright County Court at Truro 78 2015 John Orobosa Usuanlele Croydon County Court 744 2012 John Philip Davies County Court At Swansea 128 2015 John Stephen Prosho Torquay and Newton Abbot County Court 243 2011 John Strong County Court At St Albans 101 2016 Jon Prytherch Osborne Brighton County Court 448 2013 Jonathan Dean France Huddersfield County Court 417 2008 Jonathan Dean France High Court of Justice 2564 2015 Jonathan Patrick Weal Croydon County Court 1064 2011 Jonathan Shergold Office Of The Adjudicator 5019512 2017 Joseph Christopher Dore County Court at Central London 4149 2015 Joseph Daniel Brown County Court at Leicester 212 2014 Joseph Paul Peters Winchester County Court 2 2014 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Joseph Richard Thomson County Court at Darlington 135 2015 Joseph Vacquier County Court at Plymouth 44 2015 Julian Humpage Bath County Court 52 2012 Julian Skeete Reading County Court 171 2014 Julie Ann Orford High Court of Justice 2558 2008 Julie D Goucher Torquay and Newton Abbot County Court 227 2013 Kallaben Premji Patel Office Of The Adjudicator 5003028 2016 Karenjit Kaur Bhinder County Court at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 306 2015 Kate Helen McGinley Coventry County Court 23 2014 Katie Elizabeth Smith County Court at Aylesbury 14 2015 Keith Andrew Law Oldham County Court 81 2013 Keith Andrew Pooley (deceased) Birmingham County Court 1748 1997 Keith Lewis Cardiff County Court 122 1991 Kent Pattinson County Court at Slough 26 2014 Kerry Barbara Oseman Birmingham County Court 25 2014 Kevin Andrew Jones County Court at Newport (Gwent) 125 2015 Kevin Gerard Matthews County Court at Central London 1278 2015 Kevin Mape High Court Of Justice 324 2017 Kevin Steel County Court at Nottingham 300 2015 Kevon Lloyd Jobson County Court at Oxford 84 2014 Kun Kan County Court at Oldham 855 2009 Kursten Oskar Streich County Court at Durham 52 2016 Kurt Sands County Court At Central London 1876 2016 Kwok Ming Cheng County Court at Central London 2435 2014 Kyle Jonathan Hayman Wilson County Court at Leeds 65 2015 Laurence Thomas Doherty High Court of Justice 492 2011 Lee Anthony Sayers County Court at Liverpool 514 2015 Lee David Jessup Medway County Court 532 2012 Lee Francis Kiff County Court at Hertford 49 2015 Lee Wayne Wilson Office Of The Adjudicator 5013090 2016 Leslie William Carter County Court at Derby 152 2014 Lillo Sciortino Kingston-upon-Thames County Court 789 2007 Lindsay Adolphus Cumberbatch County Court at Bristol 238 2015 Lisa Francis County Court At Bournemouth And Poole 28 2017 Lisa Marie Robinson County Court at Sunderland 78 2015 Lo Ping Cheng Bedford County Court 77 2013 Lorraine Molloy County Court at Cardiff 11 2015 Louise Ruth Nash Lincoln County Court 242 2013 Luke Stratford County Court at Huddersfield 61 2015 Lynette Ann McDermott County Court at Birkenhead 31 2015 Mahendra Kanabar High Court of Justice 5988 2012 Maheshbhai Jiwabhai Valand Leicester County Court 281 2012 Malachy Desmond Donnelly Office Of The Adjudicator 5023572 2017 Malcolm Barton County Court at Eastbourne 34 2015 Malcolm John Clarke Plymouth County Court 142 2013 Malcolm John Emmerson Stafford County Court 98 2013 Marcus Glen Stephenson Slough County Court 242 2013 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Mariusz Skibinski High Court of Justice 1897 2009 Mark Butterworth County Court at Birmingham 312 2015 Mark Derrick Barkaway Milton Keynes County Court 16 2013 Mark Edward Reynolds Guildford County Court 270 2012 Mark Edward Reynolds and Edward Gilbert Reynolds Guildford County Court 270 2012 Mark Emmanuel High Court of Justice 2903 2014 Mark John Williams County Court at Wolverhampton 58 2015 Mark Murphy County Court at Leicester 195 2015 Mark Roberts County Court At Birkenhead 12 2017 Mark Smith Newcastle-upon-Tyne County Court 394 2012 Mark Webster Salisbury County Court 61 2013 Mark William Auger Office Of The Adjudicator 5031978 2017 Martin Robert Allen County Court at Norwich 306 2014 Martin Stewart Gower Dudley County Court 128 2014 Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting Kingston-upon-Thames County Court 0001 2013 Mathew Paul Allen County Court at Central London 2357 2015 Matthew Ritson Newcastle-upon-Tyne Combined Court Centre 871 2013 Michael Alexander High Court Of Justice 638 2017 Michael Alexander Cooke Southampton County Court 455 2006 Michael Andrew Sheridan Leicester County Court 38 2016 Michael Andrew Tempest County Court At Huddersfield 136 2015 Michael Danby (Deceased) County Court at Nottingham 352 2014 Michael Gary Pollard Wolverhampton County Court 34 2013 Michael Georgieff Jones Office Of The Adjudicator 5012466 2016 Michael John Griffiths County Court at Leicester 148 2015 Michael Massenya Central London County Court 4343 2013 Michael Maurice Morris High Court of Justice 1530 2015 Michael Richard France Barnstaple County Court 7 2014 Michael Richard Hole Norwich County Court 123 2012 Michael Roy Howard Guildford County Court 121 2013 Michael Stevens County Court at Croydon 124 2015 Michael Strachanowski County Court at Central London 1799 2015 Michael Trevor Bromwich Northampton County Court 31 1995 Mohamed Abdulkadir Mohamed Bristol County Court 582 2012 Mohammad Abbas County Court At Coventry 29 2016 Mohammad Ali Deinali Manchester County Court 1154 2013 Mohammed Abul Hussain County Court at Sunderland 162 2014 Mohammed Arshad Hussain County Court at Burnley 9 2016 Muhammad Yasir Nazir Preston County Court 34 2014 Mukhtar Singh Wolverhampton County Court 420 2010 Munawar Hussain County Court at Slough 107 2014 Museji Ahmed Takolia County Court at Gloucester and Cheltenham 60 2016 Nahida Abbas County Court At Coventry 28 2016 Neal Brian Allan Reid County Court at Central London 4129 2014 Neil Andrew Pritchard Birmingham County Court 1215 2009 Neil Little County Court At Southend 15 2016 Neil Peter Sadler County Court At Birkenhead 108 2014 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Neil Singh Chahal High Court of Justice 3104 2013 Neil Smedley Travers County Court at Wrexham 19 2016 Neil Wayne Cooke Birkenhead County Court 126 2012 Neville Boyd Rodgers Newcastle-upon-Tyne County Court 264 2014 Nicholas James Horton High Court of Justice 1630 2009 Nicholas John Lambrechts County Court at Exeter 132 2015 Nicholas John Powell Office Of The Adjudicator 5031612 2017 Nicholas Wenham Tasker County Court at Boston 60 2015 Nicola Marie Bennett Coventry County Court 462 2013 Nigel Jonathan Mynott Wolverhampton County Court 73 2012 Nigel Kenneth Ledger The County Court at Plymouth 7 2017 Nihat Ermis High Court of Justice 3558 2013 Noel James Rowley Swansea County Court 2 2017 Nolberto Albino Solano Kingston-upon-Hull County Court 273 2011 Norman Millar County Court at Derby 236 2014 Norman Orford High Court of Justice 2557 2008 Olusji A Ehinlanwo Romford County Court 365 2013 Pamela Jackson Scarborough County Court 34 2015 Patrick James Wilson Warwick County Court 8 2013 Patrick William Wickham Manchester District Registry 5031 2013 Paul Andrew Heppner County Court at Guildford 23 2015 Paul Anthony Mansell County Court at Gloucester and Cheltenham 34 2015 Paul Duffield County Court at Portsmouth 205 2015 Paul Furber County Court at Birkenhead 45 2014 Paul Henry Walls Office Of The Adjudicator 5005508 2016 Paul Ian Horne Crewe County Court 27 2014 Paul John Smith Chelmsford County Court 6 2014 Paul John Tulk County Court at Cambridge 171 2014 Paul Robert Hankinson County Court at Milton Keynes 108 2015 Paul Roderick Fraser County Court at Guildford 6 2016 Paul William Bailey Cardiff County Court 240 2013 Paul William Molloy County Court at Cardiff 10 2015 Pauline King (deceased) Norwich County Court 241 1999 Pauline Thompson Croydon County Court 25 2013 Peter Allan Sealey High Court of Justice 12340 1993 Peter Celie-Bone aka Peter Bone Halifax County Court 59 2003 Peter Cooper County Court at Birkenhead 148 2014 Peter Lindsay Sheppard County Court at Bristol 521 2015 Peter Spelman County Court of Coventry 469 2013 Peter Stankevitch County Court at Truro 279 2014 Peter Vaughan Orwin High Court of Justice 8 2016 Philip George Dibben County Court At Bournemouth and Poole 61 2017 Philip Harrison County Court at Stoke-on-Trent 560 2006 Philip Wyn Jones Swansea County Court 0041 2016 Phillip Anthony Ellis County Court at Leeds 1001 2014 Phillip Edwin Benson Milton Keynes County Court 0000004 2014 Pravin Mohan Lal Karir High Court of Justice 5867 2012 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Prince Stephen Okonkwo Medway County Court 503 2012 Radine Marcia Neil Aylesbury County Court 0000054 2014 Raj Kumar Thaneja County Court at Bath 151 2014 Randeep Saund County Court at Coventry 234 2015 Raymond George Pringle County Court at Liverpool 955 2014 Raymond William Burge County Court at Blackwood 28 2015 Rebecca Jane Barkaway Milton Keynes County Court 17 2013 Rehan Asim Saleem Birmingham County Court 1267 2011 Reid Anthony Nicholls Kingston-upon-Thames County Court 353 2010 Richard Alan Jefferies Bath County Court 113 2013 Richard Brooks County Court at Lancaster 119 2013 Richard Eddy Watkins County Court at Carmarthen 55 2015 Richard Gorbutt Wakefield County Court 48 2014 Richard Leslie Jackson Brighton County Court 243 2013 Richard Munday Ogugu High Court Of Justice 4225 2015 Robert Anthony Seale County Court at Slough 524 2012 Robert Daniel McConomy County Court at Dudley 83 2014 Robert Gerald Charles Kay Banbury County Court 48 2013 Robert Grierson Jenkins Office Of The Adjudicator 5016342 2016 Robert John Murray Eastbourne County Court 106 1998 Robin Anthony Hemmings Walsall County Court 36 2002 Roderick Henry Phillip Perry County Court at Central London 1644 2014 Roderick Ronald Maplesden County Court at Hastings 11 2016 Rodger Darrell Mernagh Huddersfield County Court 162 2008 Rodney Thomas Sproule Count Court at Worcester 368 2014 Roger Sandeep Singh Raiye County Court at Durham 92 2015 Roger Thomas Bootyman Wotton Plymouth County Court 138 2011 Rohail Akhtar Aslam County Court at Wolverhampton 74 2014 Ronald Beresford Hall Croydon County Court 11 2013 Ronald Birch County Court at Liverpool 368 1991 Rosemary Jane Crown Peterborough County Court 162 2015 Roy Dover County Court at Croydon 52 2015 Russell James Smith County Court at Aylesbury 85 2014 Saleem Farooqi High Court of Justice 3449 2012 Samantha Batra County Court at Central London 1227 2015 Samantha Jane Varnaseri Canterbury County Court 272 2013 Sanjey Rai County Court at Birmingham 536 2013 Sarah Nelson County Court At Weymouth And Dorchester 26 2015 Satnam Singh Rai County Court At Leicester 86 2016 Saul Mark Levy Office Of The Adjudicator 5019120 2017 Sayed Akther Hossain Croydon County Court 1424 2012 Scott Christopher Gaunt County Court At Peterborough 192 2015 Sean Michael Reeves County Court at Bournemouth and Poole 26 2017 Serena Morley County Court at Leeds 1002 2015 Sharon Johnson County Court at Croydon 544 2015 Sharon Juliet Goodridge County Court at Reading 119 2015 Sharon Robina Pinder Southend County Court 351 2013 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Sharon Teresa Duffy County Court at Birmingham 274 2014 Shawn Page Ipswich County Court 76 2011 Sheikh Tanveer Abbas Romford County Court 117 2014 Sheila Snelgrove York County Court 6 2011 Sherley Ann Mape High Court Of Justice 323 2017 Simon David Jennings Leeds County Court 504 2017 Simon John Freeman Nottingham County Court 1493 2009 Simon Phillip Walker Office Of The Adjudicator 5020496 2017 Simon Richard Pilkington Reading County Court 74 2014 Stella Caroline Thomas Birmingham County Court 5 2014 Stephen Anthony Newman Portsmouth County Court 560 2010 Stephen Bruce Miller County Court at Kingston Upon Thames 186 2015 Stephen Cooper County Court at Sheffield 142 2015 Stephen John Bradley Macclesfield County Court 166 2012 Stephen John Edmunds County Court at Southampton 131 2014 Stephen John Edwards Office of the Adjudicator 5005130 2016 Stephen Kenneth Randall Oxford County Court 801 2008 Stephen Robin Wilkins County Court at Doncaster 76 2015 Stephen Vernon Brown County Court at Stafford 13 2016 Steven David Jones County Court At Colchester 123 2016 Steven Paul Edward Crocker Bournemouth & Poole County Court 322 2013 Sukhwinder Bal Slough County Court 37 2014 Surjit Singh Dhillon Office of the Adjudicator 5034236 2017 Susan Anne Toole County Court At Central London 3266 2015 Susan C Jefferies County Court at Croydon 258 2015 Susan Elizabeth Durrant County Court at Swindon 0060 2015 Susan Elizabeth Margaret Dubif Birmingham County Court 550 2012 Susan Sturgess (now deceased) County Court At Leicester 152 2016 Suzanne Janette Kilmister County Court at Salisbury 18 2016 Suzanne Tracey Dorey Portsmouth County Court 402 2012 Suzanne Vernon Warwick County Court 53 2011 Sven-Michael Tamms Office Of The Adjudicator 5018574 2017 Tara Heron County Court at Cardiff 138 2014 Tejinder Singh Bhinder County Court at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 304 2015 Theeparajini Nantharuba County Court At Lincoln 33 2017 Theresa Dawn Robson Office Of The Adjudicator 5018678 2017 Thiruchelvam Sureshkumar County Court at Croydon 973 2013 Thomas Andrew Grinstead County Court at Colchester 52 2016 Timothy John Wilkinson County Court at Bradford 258 2015 Timothy Reginald Stevens Colchester County Court 290 2012 Tony Kelly County Court at St Albans 2 2016 Tracey Regina Flowerdew County Court at Norwich 228 2015 Tracy Ann Tomlin County Court at Hertford 31 2015 Tracy Jane Bond County Court at King's Lynn 96 2014 Tracy Rivett Torquay and Newton Abbot County Court 79 2012 Trevor Lloyd Heslop County Court at Medway 229 2012 Trevor Plumbley Portsmouth County Court 263 2013 OTHER NOTICES Name Court Name Case Number Case Year Valentino Muja Bath County Court 334 2012 Vipin Khanna Office Of The Adjudicator 5018238 2017 Wayne Robert Egan Worcester County Court 157 2012 Wayne Shooter Nottingham County Court 318 2014 William Arthur Gillam Croydon County Court 289 2013 William Elui Central London County Court 865 2012 William Roger Spencer Woods Derby County Court 209 2014 Yan Ye Central London County Court 2761 2013 Yuk Lin Tsang Chelmsford County Court 192 2011 Yvonne Caroline Coulthard County Court at Doncaster 173 2014 Zeljko Stephen Raguz Worcester County Court 516 2009 Karl David Williams Central London County Court 886 2017 Ibrahim Bulbulia Huddersfield County Court 32 2017 In each of the above bankruptcy cases David John Standish (of KPMG LLP, Gateway House, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, SO53 3TG) remains as Joint Trustee with the exception of the case of Jonathan Dean France where the remaining Joint Trustee is John David Thomas Milsom (of KPMG LLP, 15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL). COMPULSORY LIQUIDATIONS Name Company number Court Name Case Number Case Year Antic Properties Limited 07040462 High Court of Justice 539 2014 Barcon Services Ltd 03965047 High Court of Justice 6369 2013 Electrical Installations Services Limited 04225143 High Court of Justice 7939 2013 Just Desserts N/a partnership High Court of Justice 1458 2017 LWP Etail Limited FKA Liverpool Wood Pellets Ltd 6884418 Liverpool County Court 390 2015 ML Stores Group Limited 09752535 County Court at Southampton 108 2017 Reddrock Limited 06111152 Northampton County Court 0224 2016 Umbrella Properties Limited 06956912 County Court at Bradford 281 2015 Atlantic Communications Corporation Limited 2883445 Birmingham District Registry 6253 2017 In each of the above liquidation cases David John Standish (of KPMG LLP, Gateway House, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, SO53 3TG) remains as Joint Liquidator. Pursuant to the Court Order creditors have a right, within 56 days of being given notice of the making of the Order, to apply to vary or discharge the Order. Please note that notice of such application must be served at the address below and marked for my attention Signed: Neil David Gostelow (10090) Joint Trustee/Joint Liquidator KPMG LLP Gateway House Tollgate Chandlers Ford Hampshire SO53 3TG Office Holders’ Numbers: Neil David Gostelow 10090 David Standish 8798 John Milsom 9241 2940180COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. The Company Law Supplement to The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette is published weekly on a Tuesday. These supplements are available to view at https:// Alternatively use the search and filter feature which can be found here on the company number and/or name. COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. The Company Law Supplement to The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette is published weekly on a Tuesday. These supplements are available to view at https:// Alternatively use the search and filter feature which can be found here on the company number and/or name. COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. The Company Law Supplement to The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette is published weekly on a Tuesday. These supplements are available to view at https:// Alternatively use the search and filter feature which can be found here on the company number and/or name. MONEY PENSIONS MONEY THE BRIMAR LIMITED PENSION PLAN Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 that the trustees of the Brimar Limited Pension Plan (the "Scheme") is intending to distribute the assets of the Scheme in accordance with the Scheme's governing documentation and the rules of the Pension Protection Fund ("PPF"). It is intended that this will be achieved by the transfer of members' defined benefits (or final salary benefits) into the PPF if the PPF assumes responsibility for the Scheme. The following are requested to write to the Scheme administrator Quattro Pensions Consulting Limited, Prospect House, Fishing Line Road, Redditch, Worcs, B97 5EW, on or before 28 March 2018. - Any employee or former employee of Brimar Limited (company registration no. 03230282) who believes that he/she was a member of the Scheme and who is not already receiving a pension in respect of his/her membership of the scheme. - Any person who believes themselves to be a beneficiary of the Scheme as the widow, widower or dependant of a deceased member of the Scheme; and - Any other person who believes they have a claim against, or an interest in, the scheme. Claimants should provide their full name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number and details of when they were members of the Scheme. Claimants need not write if they have received correspondence from the trustees within the last 12 months. After 21 March 2018, the trustees will proceed to deal with the assets of the Scheme among the persons entitled to them, having regard only to the claims and interests of which they have prior notice and in relation to the assets used for such distribution will not be liable to any person or persons for a claim of which they do not have notice. Trustees of the Brimar Limited Pensions Scheme (Ref: OTL/RJC/ 1080832) CHANGES IN CAPITAL STRUCTURE COMPANIES RESTORED TO THE REGISTER Corporate insolvency NOTICES OF DIVIDENDS NOTICE OF PROPOSED PAYMENT OUT OF CAPITAL FOR REDEMPTION OF OWN SHARES REDEMPTION OR PURCHASE OF OWN SHARES OUT OF CAPITAL

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