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Freight transport by road

Legal Information

Company Registration No.:
Incorporation Date:
14 Mar 2003
Financial Year End:
31 May
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Notices published in the Gazette

21 Sep 2016

A.GRANT HAULAGE LIMITED (Company Number 04697920) Registered office: Tong Hall, Tong, West Yorkshire, BD4 0RR Principal Trading Address: 96 Bradford Avenue, Grimsby, DN35 0BN Notice is hereby given that the Joint Liquidators have summoned a final meeting of the Company’s creditors under Section 146 of the Insolvency Act 1986 for the purpose of receiving the Joint Liquidators’ report of the winding-up and to determine whether the Joint Liquidators should be given their release. The meeting will be held at Tong Hall, Tong, West Yorkshire, BD4 0RR on 24 November 2016 at 2.00 pm. The following resolutions will be put to the meeting: “That the Joint Liquidators’ Receipts and Payments account to 14 September 2016 and final report be approved and that the Joint Liquidators are released from office.” In order to be entitled to vote at the meeting, creditors must lodge their proxies with the Joint Liquidators at the above address by no later than 12 noon on the business day prior to the day of the meeting (together with a completed proof of debt form if this has not previously been submitted). Date of appointment: 1 July 2015. Office holder details: Paul Howard Finn and James David Robinson (IP Nos. 5367 and 16092) both of Finn Associates, Tong Hall, Tong, West Yorkshire, BD4 0RR For further details contact: The Joint Liquidators, Email: solutions@finnassociates.com, Alternative contact: Helen Kilby. Paul Howard Finn, Joint Liquidator 15 September 2016

28 Jul 2015

In the High Court of Justice Chancery Division Leeds District Registry No. 530 of 2015 Notice is hereby given that, by an Order of the Court dated 01 July 2015, Michael Field (IP number 1586) was removed as Office Holder in the cases listed in the Schedule 1 below and James David Robinson (IP number 16092) of Finn Associates, Tong Hall, Tong Lane, Tong, West Yorkshire BD4 0RR (telephone 0113 2879097) was appointed as Office Holder in his place and that, by the same Order, Michael Field (IP Number 1586) was removed as Office Holder in the cases listed in Schedule 2 below and Paul Howard Finn (IP number 5367) and James David Robinson (IP number 16092) of Finn Associates, Tong Hall, Tong Lane, Tong, West Yorkshire were appointed as Joint Office Holders in his place. James David Robinson and Paul Howard Finn, Licensed Insolvency Practitioners SCHEDULE 1 Partnership Winding-Up CDH Insurance & Finance Caernarfon 122 of 2011 Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations Criterion Corporate Services Ltd Printforms Wakefield Ltd 03255139 Convenience 1st Limited 04142945 Apple Group Ltd 06672580 Graystone Limited 03726775 Kirkby Trust Limited 02951975 Country Cradles Ltd 02272784 Compulsory Liquidations A1 National Car & Van Rental Ltd 06977853 High Court 4565 of Haven Bay Homes Ltd 06245286 High Court 8399 of Shaun Ellison Roofing Ltd 05192209 High Court 9357 of Healthcare Enterprise Group PLC 03627383 High Court 4988 of DK Structures Ltd 07274867 High Court 9208 of Bankruptcies Jacqueline Marie McDougall Newcastle upon Tyne 853 of 2013 John Stevens High Court 3387 of 2011 Claire Michelle Gibson Newcastle upon Tyne 139 of 2014 Anthony Michael D’Arcy High Court 5138 of 2010 Linda Joyce D’Arcy High Court 5139 of 2010 Pauline Ann Vahey Slough 379 of 2013 Wilbert Charles Johnson High Court 2775 of 2013 Christopher Alan Pickles Huddersfield 30 of 2014 David Mansel Thomas High Court 423 of 2011 Hywel Lewis Jones High Court 424 of 2011 Laura Jane Ritchie High Court 79 of 2013 Paul Middleton Middlesbrough 100 of2009 Raffel Abiodun Zadok High Court 7154 of 2010 John Smout Chester 156 of 2013 Margaret Foster Middlesbrough 144 of 2013 OTHER NOTICES Stephen Robert Alsford High Court 1348 of 2013 Ian Selwyn Carter Leicester 164 of 2014 Ralph Sydney Beardshall Barnsley 122 of 2011 Sai Kit Lam York 242 of 2010 Trevor Morley Southampton 192 of 2011 Stuart Edward Simpson York 71 of 2011 Mohammad Aslam Central London County Court No. 2080 of 2011 Schedule 2 Compulsory Liquidations Lincolnshire Property Services Limited 04656351 Scunthorpe County Court No. 8 of 2009 Globalcom I.T. Limited 03717437 Scarborough County Court No. 466 of 2009 A Grant Haulage Limited 04697920 Grimsby County Court No. 82 of 2013 Bankruptcies Nigel Burrows Blackpool County Court No. 296 of Andrew Austin Dewsbury county Court No. 124 of Stephen Ronald Smith Wakefield County Court No. 832 of Selladurai Pararajasingham Romford County Court No. 663 of James Ferguson Bradford County Court No. 1271 of Alexandre Alzuri Harrogate County Court No. 174 of Rosaleen Marguerite Richardson Halifax County Court No. 321 of 2010 Gavin Briggs Chesterfield County Court No. 33 of Christopher John Brooks Scarborough County Court No. 350 of 2008 Francis Vento Leeds County Court No. 1745 of Keith Snary York County Court No.148 of 2011 Molly Turner York County Court No. 147 of 2011 Matthew Roy Grocock Wakefield County Court No. 241 of Robert Wilson Herdman Scarborough County Court No. 516 of 2009 Rodney Wilson Grimsby County Court No. 129 of Mohammed Sageer Bradford County Court No. 162 of Alastair Craig McLeod Scarborough County Court No. 104 of 2014 Mark David Edwards Nottingham County Court No. 1025 of 2009 Julia Evelyn Cox Newcastle upon Tyne County Court No. 4932 of 2009 Individual Voluntary Arrangements Ian White IVA Heather Marianne White IVA IN THE MATTER OF THE INSOLVENCY ACT AND RULES 1986 NOTICE OF BLOCK TRANSFER OF APPOINTMENTS Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the Order of His Honourable Judge Behrens, sitting in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, Leeds District Registry on 2 July 2015 (No. 552 of 2015) (“the Order”) Gareth David Peckett (IP No: 9647) of BHP Clough Corporate Solutions LLP, 2 Rutland Park, Sheffield S10 2PD was appointed Office Holder as of 2 July 2015 as detailed below in place of Mr Graham Leslie Stuart-Harris (IP No: 5782) of Barber Harrison & Platt, 2 Rutland Park, Sheffield S10 2PD by reason of Mr Graham Leslie Stuart-Harris’s impending retirement. Mr Gareth David Peckett was appointed on the following cases: CREDITORS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION Appointment type: Liquidator IIK Limited MEMBERS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION Appointment type: Liquidator Light Trades House Limited BANKRUPTCIES Appointment type: Trustee William Eric Deakin: In the Sheffield County Court No 64 of 1991 Kevan Johnson: In the Sheffield County Court No 181 of 2000 Melvyn Anthony Kendall: In the Barnsley County Court No 323 of Nabil Srour: In the Sheffield County Court No 668 of 2006 Mr Graham Leslie Stuart-Harris was released as joint office holder with Mr Gareth David Peckett continuing as sole office holder in the following cases: CREDITORS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION Appointment type: Liquidator A.A.G. Investments Limited AAG Site Services Limited A C Toon Limited CYC Marketing Limited Cobbetts Employee Services Clico (Sheffield) Tooling Limited Evergen Limited Plus Engineering Services Limited Theta 13 Limited Victoria Builders Limited MEMBERS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION Appointment type: Liquidator CD Retail Woodworking Limited Holdco Ifonto Limited Heaton Heathcare Limited H S Developments (Dronfield) Limited Northbeach Property (SW3) Limited RDD Group Limited Standall Tools Limited S.P.C. Patterns Limited COMPULSORY LIQUIDATIONS Appointment type: Liquidator Brookson (5695G) Limited: In the Wakefield County Court No 11 of C H Laboratories Limited: In the Leeds District Registry 708 of 2013 Eljay Engineering Limited: In the High Court of Justice 9164 of 2012 RAD Interiors Limited: In the Leed District Registry 83.7 of 2012 Elden Minns & Co Limited: In the Sheffield County Court No 41 of BANKRUPTCIES Appointment type: Trustee David Burnett: In the Bradford County Court No 160 of 2012 Joseph Cotterill: In the Sunderland County Court No 20 of 1994 Pauline Ann Hall: In the Doncaster County Court No 266 of 2011 Jonathan David Hardcastle: In the Kingston Upon Hull County Court of 60 of 2013 Andrew Jon Wilson: In the Wrexham County Court No 186 of 2010 Derek Pearson : In the Barnsley County Court No 217 of 2010 Robert Anthony Rawlings: In the Sheffield County Court No 1449 of Michelle Louise Srour: In the Sheffield County Court No 92 of 2012 Susan Elixabeth Sutton: In the Sheffield County Court No 347 of 2013 Richard Michael Sutton: In the Sheffield County Court No 346 of 2013 Mr Graham Leslie Stuart-Harris shall not be required to prepare a report to creditors made up to the date of the Order. The reporting periods and anniversaries in respect of the above estates shall end on the same day as they would have ended had the Order not been made. The creditors in each of the estates listed above shall be notified of the Order by this notice and at the time of the next routine report for each case. The creditors of each estate listed above have the right to apply to vary or discharge the Order by an application issued within 21 days of receipt of the notice of the Order sent in the next routine report. The costs of this notice shall be apportioned between those estates listed above that have sufficient funds to discharge the costs of this notice in full equally. OTHER NOTICES The costs of the block transfer application (including VAT) shall be aggregated and apportioned equally between the above estates provided that if the costs which fall to be borne by any of the above estates exceeds 10% of the realisable assets within that estate (1) that estate shall only bear part of those apportioned costs, that part being an amount equal to 10% of that estate’s readily realisable assets and (2) the excess shall be apportioned and borne rateably amongst the other estates in proportion to their realisable assets. Mr Graham Leslie Stuart-Harris shall be granted his release as appropriate 21 days after the date of publication of this notice. Creditors requiring any further information or explanation should contact either Mr Gareth David Peckett or Mr Oliver Adams on 0114 266 7171 or admin@bhpccs.co.uk 21 July 2015 EUROPEAN ECONOMIC INTEREST GROUPING THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC INTEREST GROUPING REGULATIONS 1989 Notice is hereby given pursuant to regulation 15(1)(a) of the European Economic Interest Grouping Regulations 1989 that the following European Economic Interest Grouping, whose official address is in Great Britain, has been formed. NAME OF GROUPING: PIM REAL ESTATE EEIG REGISTRATION NUMBER OF GROUPING: GE316 DATE OF REGISTRATION OF GROUPING: 22 July 2015 PLACE OF REGISTRATION OF GROUPING: Cardiff - United Kingdom OFFICIAL ADDRESS OF GROUPING: 29 CARLTON CRESCENT SOUTHAMPTON SO15 2EW OBJECTS FOR WHICH THE GROUPING IS FORMED: The Grouping is not one of profit making but of developing the economic interest of its Members with the aim of aiding and expanding the activities of each of them in the market of their respective countries and internationally, as well as of improving and enhancing the results of the respective businesses. In particular, the EEIG works by improving the competencies and abilities of the Members with particular reference to the Members’ professional and business fields, favouring aggregation and cooperation for individual and/or medium to long-term projects. It may, in general undertake, all operations pertaining to the above mentioned business purpose that may be suited to facilitating its achievement. To such ends, the Grouping may notably: – perform various benefits and services, any excluded, for members and other parties, with particular reference to the business of administration and development of commercial activities; – perform all real estate contracts and transactions with particular reference to convey and rental to third parties; – manage and sell shares and securities owned by members and / or EEIG; – organise, manage and/or participate in trade fairs and national and international expos; – undertake studies, projects and market research; – implement projects for sales promotion, advertising campaigns and Public Relations initiatives; – directly market - also using its own personnel and through e- commerce solutions - the Members’ products and services and support their marketing through third parties; – participate in national and European bids and tenders; – manage brands and trade-marks; – organise and/or run training courses; – perform various services on behalf of third parties. Changes to the Objects must receive unanimous approval from the Members. Solely to pursue the objects and without it being considered prevalent with respect to the activities indicated above, the Grouping may generally undertake all financial, real-estate, commercial and banking operations, and grant all kinds of sureties and real and personal guarantees to third parties. It may also take out mortgages and loans in general, purchase interests and holdings in companies and company having similar/akin business purposes, whether Italian and non-, with the exclusion however of retaining, at their domicile, the securities and assets prohibited as per Law Decree No. 143 of 3 May 1991 converted Into Law No. 197 on 5 July 1991. DETAILS OF MEMBER S: MEMBER S NAME BUSINES S NAME LEGA L FOR M PERMANENT ADDRESS OR REGISTERED OFFICE REGIS TERE D NUMB ER PLACE OF REGISTR ATION GABRIELL A BARBERIN I NATU RAL PERS ON 43 VIA DICOMANO ROME ITALY ONEONE MANAGE

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