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31 Mar
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10 Jun 2014

In the High Court of Justice BLOCK TRANSFER OF APPOINTMENTS Insolvency Act 1986 Notice is hereby given, that pursuant to the Order of District Judge Kramer in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, dated 20 May 2014: 1. That in relation to the insolvent administrations listed below William Paxton (IP No: 8825) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ, be removed as Office Holder of each of the listed insolvent appointments and that Martin Daley (IP No: 9563) and Simon Blakey (IP No: 12990) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ be appointed in his place. Bankruptcy Anthony George Heald, Sunderland County Court, 58 of 2006 Colin Garner, Darlington County Court, 90 of 2011 David George Munden, Sunderland County Court, 41 of 1999 Fevzi Kilinc, High Court of Justice, 9044 of 2007 Garry Glover, Newcastle County Court, 1500 of 2007 Gary Beadnell, Middlesbrough County Court, 917 of 2010 Ginette Hanson, Sunderland County Court, 13 of 2005 John Robert Pratt, Darlington County Court, 133 of 1994 Lewis John Palmer, Middlesbrough County Court, 831 of 2008 Lynn Mallenby, Newcastle County Court, 1204 of 2005 Michael William Watson, Newcastle County Court, 367 of 2000 Peter Ridley Aspinall, Newcastle County Court, 196 of 1990 Robert Beadnell, Sunderland County Court, 146 of 2005 Roland James Preedy, Croydon County Court, 1123 of 2011 Sheila Elizabeth Douglas, Newcastle County Court, 229 of 1999 Stephen John Hanson, Sunderland County Court, 14 of 2005 Thomas Tracey, Birkenhead County Court, 515 of 2010 William Pratt, Darlington County Court, 134 of 1994 Christine Anne Garner, Darlington County Court, 89 of 2011 Leslie Garr, Newcastle County Court 1493 of 2011 Individual Voluntary Arrangement Adam Main Christine Sheeran Christopher Branch, Newcastle County Court, 897 of 2012 Diane Riley, Newcastle County Court, 759 of 2011 Dionne Gilmour Joseph Vincent Pritchard, Sunderland County Court, 343 of 2011 Kevin Riley, Newcastle County Court, 758 of 2011 Linda Robertson Michelle Main Michelle Smith, Newcastle County Court, 722 of 2011 Paul Robertson Roland Shokunbi Stephen Paul Howe, Sunderland County Court, 344 of 2011 Yekuroma Williams, High Court of Justice, 88 of 2007 Compulsory Liquidation ARCKS Limited, Middlesbrough County Court, 602 of 2010 Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation A P Development Products (North East) Limited Abel Contracts Limited, Newcastle County Court, 347 of 2011 CB Motors (Cramlington) Limited Choudhury Properties Limited, Newcastle County Court, 675 of 2012 P & B Restaurants Limited R S Johnson Recovery Limited Security Guard Solutions UK Limited Solway House Residential Care Home Limited Wardley Legion Club & Institute Union Limited 2. That in relation to the insolvent administrations listed below William Paxton (IP No: 8825) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ, be removed as Office Holder of each of the listed insolvent appointments and that Simon Blakey (IP No: 12990) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ be appointed in his place to act as Joint Office Holder together with Martin Daley. Bankruptcy Andrew Gerard Maher, Durham County Court, 236 of 2009 Anthony Currie, Sunderland County Court, 50 of 2010 Anthony Tattersdill, Durham County Court, 452 of 2008 Catherine Garderner, Newcastle County Court, 734 of 2008 Craig Rowlands, Newcastle County Court, 1608 of 2010 Damien John Delargy Healy, Newcastle County Court, 810 of 2009 Dorothy Mclaughlin, Sunderland County Court, 39 of 2011 Eric Armstrong, Newcastle County Court, 1415 of 2008 Geroge Ellis Kirkwood Simpson, Birmingham County Court, 1222 of George Ellis Kirkwood Simpson and John Leyshon, Birmingham County Court, 1222 of 2010 Helen Samantha Armstrong, Newcastle County Court, 4283 of 2009 Ian Clayton, Middlesbrough County Court, 268 of 2012 Ian David Fisher, Wakefield County Court, 27 of 2009 Jason Thomas Hathaway, Newcastle County Court, 1437 of 2010 John Leyshon, Birmingham County Court, 1222 of 2010 John Stanley Partington, Sunderland County Court, 16 of 2011 Karen Clews, Newcastle County Court, 2407 of 2010 Mark Rea, Newcastle County Court, 4646 of 2009 Michael Peter James, Newcastle County Court, 2205 of 2010 Nigel Eric Bird, Newcastle County Court, 1518 of 2008 OTHER NOTICES Peter Callaghan, Newcastle County Court, 8 of 1999 Peter Graham, Newcastle County Court, 340 of 1995 Peter Graham, Sunderland County Court, 786 of 2008 Philip Hume, Newcastle County Court, 100 of 2010 Philip Wilkinson, Middlesbrough County Court, 712 of 2009 Richard Lawson, Middlesbrough County Court, 377 of 2011 Richard William Bloomfield, Newcastle County Court, 1408 of 2010 Ronan Liddane, Newcastle County Court, 2073 of 2008 Sakiya Khanon Choudhury, Sunderland County Court, 674 of 2010 Scott Worthington, Preston County Court, 93 of 2010 Terence William Hannon, Middlesbrough County Court, 886 of 2009 Individual Voluntary Arrangement Adeolu Adetunji, Eastbourne County Court, 47 of 2009 Adrian Mattock, Newcastle County Court, 4236 of 2009 Alan Henderson Barrass, Sunderland County Court, 260 of 2010 Angus Gary MacDonald, Newcastle County Court, 234 of 2011 Anthony Howitt, Newcastle County Court, 1179 of 2010 Anthony Thomas Bryson, Newcastle County Court, 165 of 2011 Christina Hall, Newcastle County Court, 2571 of 2011 David Redshaw, Newcastle County Court, 39 of 2011 Diane Harvey, Newcastle County Court, 1063 of 2010 Dirk Henri Gerard Stans, Darlington County Court, 112 of 2000 Frank David Science Russell, Carlisle County Court, 12 of 2013 George Allison Iris Allison John Ralph Curry, Newcastle County Court, 2443 of 2010 Kathleen Violet Barrass, Sunderland County Court, 261 of 2010 Kevin Robson, Newcastle County Court, 5164 of 2009 Lee Pennick, Middlesbrough County Court, 739 of 2009 Linda Kathleen Mattock, Newcastle County Court, 4235 of 2009 Lynne Maguire, Newcastle County Court, 4456 of 2009 Marilyn Bainbridge, Newcastle County Court, 782 of 2008 Peter Maguire, Newcastle County Court, 4455 of 2009 Philip Bainbridge, Newcastle County Court, 781 of 2008 Rachel Aziz, Newcastle County Court, 169 of 2010 Raymond Anthony McLanders Richard McIlwraith, Newcastle County Court, 1611 of 2010 Roy Godwin Logan, Croydon County Court, 924 of 2009 Simisola Olabisi Adetunji, Eastbourne County Court, 131 of 2009 Timothy Carl Widdowfield, Durham County Court, 461 of 2009 Compulsory Liquidation Chesterford (Abbey Road) Limited, Newcastle County Court, 1404 of First Class Post Business Services Limited, High Court of Justice, 8086 of 2008 Rea Estates Limited, High Court of Justice, 11066 of 2008 Whitley Bay Waterfronts Limited, High Court of Justice, 1798 of 2010 Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation A Tobbell & Sons Limited Barty Spoor Limited Demon Fire Protection Limited Global MTP UK Services Limited Innosystems UK Limited Kalebury Limited Level Ten Creative Marketing Limited North Breeze Recycling UK Limited Northumbria Hotel Limited Pearson Charlton Engineers Limited Real Time Prospects Limited Rush Electrical Limited T & G Industrial Welding Services Limited TCG (North East) Limited Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Amos Atkinson Limited Display Graphex Limited 3. That in relation to the insolvent administrations listed below William Paxton (IP No: 8825) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ, be removed as Office Holder of each of the listed insolvent appointments and that Martin Daley (IP No: 9563) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ be appointed in his place to act as Joint Office Holder together with Simon Blakey. Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Atlas Developments Leisure Limited Dan Russell & Atlas Developments Limited The Kung Fu Drag Queen Limited 4. That in relation to the insolvent administrations listed below Simon Blakey be appointed as Joint Office Holder in respect of each of the listed insolvency appointments together with Martin Daley. Individual Voluntary Arrangement Angela Burrows, Sunderland County Court, 1044 of 2008 Compulsory Liquidation The New Northumbria Hotel Limited, Newcastle upon Tyne District Registry, 1376 of 2010 Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Signal Plastics Limited 5. Any creditor (or member in the case of members’ voluntary liquidations) who objects to the transfer of an insolvency appointment as provided for by the Order shall have a period of twenty eight days from the date of this advert to apply to court to set aside or vary the terms of the Order. However, such application shall not affect the transfer of the insolvency appointments by this Order until further or other order by the court. Simon Blakey and Martin Daley (IP No’s 12990 and 9563) of Robson Laidler LLP, Fernwood House, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TJ, telephone: 0191 281 8191, email: COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement to The London Gazette detailing information notified to or by the Registrar of Companies is published weekly on Tuesdays and is available to view at www.gazettes- To access recent issues use the Browse Issues function and choose the items with a six figure Issue number starting with the digit 8. Alternatively use the search or advanced search features on the company number and/or name. 2141778In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division) Leeds District Registry No 544 of 2014 IN THE MATTER OF DUCKWORTH & SONS TRANSPORT LIMITED (IN ADMINISTRATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF AERO VOTE LIMITED (IN CREDITORS’ VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF BURGHAM CONSULTING LIMITED (IN MEMBERS VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF OVOLO PUBLISHING LIMITED (IN COMPULSORY LIQUIDATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF BUXHALL LIMITED (IN COMPANY VOLUNTARY ARRANGEMENT) AND IN THE MATTER OF PHILIP BENJAMIN EVANS (IN INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTARY ARRANGEMENT) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF THE INSOLVENCY ACT 1986 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by an Order of the High Court of Justice on 16th June 2014 the following changes in Office Holder were made. JOINT APPOINTMENTS TRANSFERRED FROM PETER JAMES HUGHES-HOLLAND TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number Duckworth & Sons Transport Ltd ADM High Court of Justice, 5868 of 2012 07724715 Kudos Central Limited ADM High Court of Justice, Manchester District Registry, 3335 of Buxhall Limited t/a Pellini Uomo CVA High Court of Justice, 4287 of 2013 03083352 MHB Limited CVA High Court of Justice, 3429 of 2013 04849830 Sucina Limited CVA High Court of Justice, 5889 of 2013 07504048 OTHER NOTICES The Apsley Paper Trail CVA High Court of Justice, 7923 of 2010 03416760 Joshua Van Hooke IVA N/a N/a Michael Douglas Patten IVA N/a N/a Philip Benjamin Evans IVA N/a N/a Burgham Consulting Limited MVL N/a 06159900 Castle Analysis Limited MVL N/a 02950464 Digital Nomad Consulting Limited MVL N/a 07843539 JK Actuarial Services Limited MVL N/a 06517978 Kaydrive Limited MVL N/a 02782878 Margetts Project Services Limited MVL N/a 07128827 Platz Global Limited MVL N/a 06852371 SF Trust Servicing Limited MVL N/a 06349431 Sports Medical Limited MVL N/a 06982756 Stora Billerud (UK) Group Holdings MVL N/a 02262985 Stora Enso Newton Kyme Limited MVL N/a 0517683 SW19Walker Limited MVL N/a 06246863 Usread Limited MVL N/a 07957645 Ovolo Publishing Limited WUC High Court of Justice, 20180 of 2009 04568892 Telsecure Group Limited WUC High Court of Justice, 22255 of 2009 04639939 AERO VOTE LIMITED CVL N/a 06677321 ARD Davies Construction Limited CVL N/a 04366535 Aspire Training Solutions Limited CVL N/a 05630101 Ballards of Watford Limited CVL N/a 06081074 Basingstoke (NSD) Limited CVL N/a 07266499 Bathrooms Live Limited CVL N/a 06323299 Bennetts Flooring Limited CVL N/a 03961017 Ltd CVL N/a 06922193 Concept 247 Marketing Services Ltd CVL N/a 06091794 Consultant Technologies Limited CVL N/a 04212308 GES Sparks Limited CVL N/a 07744264 Guildford (NSD) Limited CVL N/a 07844588 Guildhall College Limited CVL N/a 04685274 High Wycombe (NSD) Limited CVL N/a 07843200 Horne & Banks Limited CVL N/a 01250177 Karl Industries Limited CVL N/a 05108058 Lakeside EIS 2 Limited CVL N/a 06866166 London Builder Contractors Ltd CVL N/a 02616054 Masszab Limited CVL N/a 07762946 Medos Leisure Group Limited CVL N/a 07089765 Multiplex Media Limited CVL N/a 03654634 Norwich (NSD) Limited CVL N/a 08198929 Provenance Southampton Ltd CVL N/a 08036574 REL Southampton Ltd CVL N/a 08038373 Secureticket (UK) Limited CVL N/a 04832088 Sharp Shooter Limited CVL N/a 03050718 Signature Industries Limited CVL N/a 02800561 Sky Telemedia (UK) Ltd CVL N/a 03625688 Social Care Association (Education) CVL N/a 02277010 OTHER NOTICES South of England Coachworks Limited CVL N/a 03116390 Sutton (NSD) Ltd CVL N/a 07844779 Switchlab Limited CVL N/a 03701750 The Herts Fencing Company Ltd CVL N/a 07988586 The Metal Exchange Limited CVL N/a 06018538 The Skills Centre Limited CVL N/a 3179610 The Skills Centre Training Limited CVL N/a 06770438 We Are:Dance Ltd CVL N/a 07616658 Voluptuous Ventures Limited CVL N/a 06647866 JOINT APPOINTMENTS TRANSFERRED FROM CHRISTOPHER RICHARD NEWELL TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number MCC (International) Limited CVA High Court of Justice, 6038 of 2010 02953598 North West Estates Plc WUC Birmingham District Registry, 6048 of 2010 02319283 Alan Rogers Barber Shops Ltd CVL N/a 05258856 Anderly Enterprises Limited CVL N/a 03300366 Andy Palmer Limited CVL N/a 04479714 Caterers International Limited CVL N/a 04266915 Chorleywood Flooring Limited CVL N/a 05087719 Development For People Limited CVL N/a 06200489 Embassy Signs Limited CVL N/a 01645242 Lanson Limited CVL N/a 02469218 Lighting Direct Limited CVL N/a 03376379 Welonda UK Limited CVL N/a 07025251 JOINT APPOINTMENTS TRANSFERRED FROM GARRY WALLACE LOCK TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number Paul Williams-King IVA N/a N/a Surinder Purewal IVA Coventry County Court, 0479 of 2012 N/a Blaqua Limited CVL N/a 06119056 Carbonelite Limited CVL N/a 06816801 Doorstep Pharmacy Limited CVL N/a 05835790 Impact IT Limited CVL N/a 04706089 London Action Trust CVL N/a 02897056 Montana Ventures Limited T/A Avents Furniture CVL N/a 07562467 Steve Taylor Builders Limited CVL N/a 06030323 Take Five Film Catering Limited CVL N/a 04678526 Venda Limited CVL N/a 100075C JOINT APPOINTMENTS TRANSFERRED FROM FRANCIS WESSELY TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number Cliff Watson IVA N/a N/a David Greenwood IVA N/a N/a Ms Julie Skinner IVA N/a N/a Illuminus Consulting Limited MVL N/a 05841763 R One K Limited WUC High Court of Justice, 8988 of 2011 0475621 Allmonde Group Limited CVL N/a 06296962 Anthony Morgan UK Limited CVL N/a 05411541 Aquafactors Direct Limited CVL N/a 03066852 Cardinal (South East) Limited CVL N/a 05415642 Cardinal Security Solutions Limited CVL N/a 06466274 Concordiam Managed Services Limited CVL N/a 05813860 Current Connections (Kent) Limited CVL N/a 05587966 OTHER NOTICES ECOLEDLIGHTING LTD CVL N/a 02322246 Edge Live Limited CVL N/a 05741342 Kingsway Amusement Machines Company Limited CVL N/a 07780226 LastMile Communications Limited CVL N/a 03858624 Paper Trail Enterprises Limited CVL N/a 06490772 Paper Trail Mill Limited CVL N/a 04379420 Paper Trail Trading Limited CVL N/a 04165838 Philip Green & Partners Limited CVL N/a 02809867 Progressive Moulding & Assembly Limited CVL N/a 06147474 Sales Resource Associates Limited CVL N/a 04477000 Stampbirch Limited CVL N/a 04976794 JOINT APPOINTMENT TRANSFERRED FROM SIMON JAMES BONNEY TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number Prime Maintenance Services Ltd CVL N/a 03039579 All Time Leisure Limited CVL N/a 05458392 JOINT APPOINTMENTS TRANSFERRED FROM IAN MALCOLM DONALD GRAHAM CADLOCK TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number 2nd Sense Broadcast Limited CVL N/a 03760137 Albarius Limited CVL N/a 03841129 Beam Services (South East) Ltd CVL N/a 06050914 Broadbase UK Limited CVL N/a 05205513 Fig (UK) Limited CVL N/a 03898034 Gesix Services Limited CVL N/a 03094862 Jamin Puech Limited CVL N/a 06259266 K.Flynn Brickwork Limited CVL N/a 03423372 Lloyd’s Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited CVL N/a 01456563 Pisces 77 Limited CVL N/a 06657871 Rays Transport Limited CVL N/a 04560058 Redvers Maintenance and Development Limited CVL N/a 05340634 Welonda Ireland Limited CVL N/a 480369 JOINT APPOINTMENT TRANSFERRED FROM COLIN DAVID WILSON TO RICHARD PATRICK BREWER Name Type Court Company Number Manic Monkey Limited CVL N/a 06375629 Any creditor of any of the estates mentioned above may, within 21 days of publication of this notice, apply to vary or discharge the Order. For further information please contact Steve Quick of Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery LLP, 25 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4AB on 020 3201 8000 or at The costs of the application be charged as a cost or expense of the estates with each estate to bear an equal share. Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery LLP 5 June 2014 GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY ACT 1999 NOTICE OF DRAFT LIST OF MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED AND PERSONS INVITED TO TAKE PART IN AN EXAMINATION IN PUBLIC INTO A PROPOSED ALTERATION TO THE SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR GREATER LONDON LONDON PLAN 2011 An examination in public is to be held at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA, commencing on 1 September 2014, into proposals for the alteration to the spatial development strategy for Greater London prepared by the Mayor of London. If these proposals are published they will set a strategic framework for planning in Greater London. The examination in public is to be conducted by the Inspector Anthony Thickett BA (Hons) BTP MRTPI DIPRSA. A copy of the proposals and of all representations made to the Mayor about those proposals are available for public inspection at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London, London SE1 2AA free of charge on Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00. A draft list both of the matters to be examined at the examination in public and of the persons who will be invited to take part is also available for inspection at those places and times. Any representations on the draft list should be sent in writing to: EiP Secretary City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA. Or by email to by Monday 7th July 2014. Any written submissions on the matters to be examined at the examination in public should be sent to the EiP Secretary by Monday 11th August 2014. Further information is available from the EiP Secretariat, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA. Email or ring 020 7983 4291 OTHER NOTICES FREEHOLDER NOTICE Notice to Ms Kathleen Edith Mann, the Freeholder of 81 Tuam Road SE18 2QY, Lessees (Naomi Taylor & Patrick Coyne) seeking to contact in order to purchase the Freehold. Tel: 0208 244 5824. Mobile: 07871 576 851. 1.1 1.2 1.3 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 11.1 11.2 11.3 Terms and Conditions Relating to Submission of Notices The Gazette (which includes the London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette) is the Official Public Record and the United Kingdom’s longest continuously published newspaper. It has been published by Authority since 1665. The Gazette publishes official, legal and regulatory notices pursuant to legislation and on behalf of the persons who are required by law to notify the public at large of certain information. For the avoidance of doubt all references to "The Gazette" shall include the London, Belfast and Edinburgh and any supplements to the Gazette, as well as all mediums, including the online and paper versions of the Gazette. The Gazette is published by the Publisher (as defined below) under the authority and superintendence of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office at The National Archives. Notices received for publication can fall under the following broad headings: Church, Companies, Education and Qualifications, Environment and Infrastructure, Health and Medicine, Money, Parliament and Assemblies, People, Royal Family and State. Further information can be found at These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") govern submission of Notices (as defined below) to The Gazette. 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The Advertiser acknowledges that the Publisher may re-use Notices and/or allow third parties to re-use Notices accepted for publication in The Gazette, and hereby assigns to the Publisher for and on behalf of the Crown, all rights, including but not limited to, copyright and/or other such intellectual property rights (as applicable) in all Notices, and warrants that any such activity in respect of any Notice (including any activity in the preparation of such Notice for publication in The Gazette) by the Publisher and/or third parties does not and will not infringe any legal right of the Advertiser or any third party. For the avoidance of doubt, all Notices and any content therein shall be Crown copyright and may be subject to the Open Government Licence (or any variation thereof). 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The Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that the publication of any Notice is subject to any court order and/or direction of the court or such other regulatory and/or enforcement authorities including the Information Commissioner’s Office, the police, the Financial Conduct Authority (and such other related regulatory organisations), the Solicitors Regulation Authority and such other authorities as may be applicable (without limitation) and that the Publisher may delay, refuse to publish or withdraw from publication if it has received evidence to that effect and may not publish such notice until it has received written evidence from the court (as the Publisher may reasonably require from time to time) that demonstrates that any previous order and/or direction has been withdrawn and/or is no longer applicable (as the Publisher may reasonably require from time to time) and/or, subject to any statutory and/or applicable laws, The Gazette may share information and/or data related to the Notice and/or the Advertiser’s account related to such authorities and the Advertiser hereby consents to such disclosure(s). The Advertiser accepts that the Charges may be amended from time to time and will be payable at the rate in force at the time of invoicing unless otherwise agreed by the Publisher in writing. The Charges must be paid in full by the Advertiser in advance of publication unless other requirements of the Publisher in respect of the payment of such Charges (as determined from time to time) are notified to the Advertiser. If the Advertiser wishes to make a complaint, all such complaints shall be submitted in writing to Save in respect of The National Archives (or any successor organisation), a person who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions but this does not affect any right or remedy of a party specified in these Terms and Conditions or which exists or is available apart from that Act. These Terms and Conditions and all other express terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. All communications on the business of The Gazette should be addressed to The Gazette, PO Box 3584, Norwich NR7 7WD Telephone: 0870 600 3322 Fax: 020 7394 4572 Email: This printed edition contains all notices published online on 9 June 2014. 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Notices Pursuant to s.27 Trustee Act 1925 £0.00 £20.00 £55.50 £75.50 £2.00 All other Notices – charged by event £0.00 £20.00 £55.50 £75.50 £2.002 – 5 Related events will be charged double the single rate) £0.00 £40.00 £111.00 £151.00 (6 – 10 Related events will be charged treble the single rate) £0.00 £60.00 £166.50 £226.50 If you have any doubt about how to price then please contact 4 Offline Proofing £35.00 £35.00 5 Late Advertisements £35.00 £35.00London - accepted after 11.30am, 2 days prior to publication Edinburgh - accepted after 9.30am, 1 day prior to publication Belfast - accepted after 3.00pm, 1 day prior to publication 6 Withdrawal of Notices £20.00 £55.50 £75.50London - after 11.30am, 2 days prior to publication Edinburgh - after 9.30am, 1 day prior to publication Belfast - after 3.00pm, 1 day prior to publication 7 Other Services A brand, logo, map, signature image (which can link through to your site) £50.00 £50.00 £50.50 £50.50 Forwarding service for deceased estates £50.00 £50.00 £50.50 £50.50 ALL NOTICES GAZETTE Online Mail, Telephone, Fax & E-mail The Gazette, PO Box 3584, Norwich NR7 7WD Telephone orders/General enquiries 0870 600 5522 Fax orders: 0870 600 5533 E-mail: Textphone: 0870 240 3701 Customers can also order publications from: TSO Ireland 19a Weavers Court, Weavers Court Business Park, Linfield Road, Belfast BT12 5GH 028 9089 5140 Fax 028 9023 5401 The Houses of Parliament Shop 12 Bridge Street, Parliament Square, London SW1A 2JX TSO@Blackwell and other Accredited Agents Published by TSO (The Stationery Office) and available from: Published and printed in the UK by The Stationery Office Limited under the authority and superintendence of Carol Tullo, Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office and Queen's Printer of Acts of Parliament 2141749 2142192 2142221 2141744 2141760 2141743 2141738 2141789 2141764 2141742 2141785 2141776 2141793 2141792 2141786 2141739 2141741 2141747 2141745 2141748 2141771 2141753 2141750 2141767 2141795 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2141815 2141836 2141816 2141863 2141850 2141770 2141800 2141791 2141796 2141802 2141788 2141782 2141746 2141756 2141774 2141755 2141798 2141775 2142274 2142269 2142174 2142134 2142231 2142114 2142029 2142054 2142220 2142165 2142119 2142113 2142214 2142034 2142103 2142064 2142157 2142073 2142039 2142067 2142094 2142085 2142145 2142074 2142154 2142037 2142099 2142066 2142035 2142006 2141992 2142026 2142051 2142087 2141998 2142036 2142105 2142030 2142005 2142003 2142089 2142075 2142056 2142033 2142028 2142093 2142107 2142020 2142024 2142084 2142071 2142137 2142065 2142021 2142069 2142109 2142057 2142025 2142159 2142098 2142146 2142095 2142152 2142059 2142061 2142068 2142132 2142072 2142138 2142090 2142063 2142058 2142170 2142060 2142199 2142081 2142136 2142115 2142041 2142212 2142186 2142079 2142047 2142050 2142193 2142046 2142213 2142187 2142078 2142158 2142124 2142196 2142112 2142171 2142128 2142207 2142118 2142088 2142197 2142117 2142092 2142182 2142096 2142229 2142127 2142100 2142122 2142181 2142140 2142102 2142211 2142104 2142070 2142166 2142188 2142148 2142163 2142083 2142126 2142111 2142164 2142077 2142189 2142080 2142108 2142106 2142082 2142110 2142116 2142161 2142086 2142135 2142156 2142272 2142120 2142255 2142143 2142142 2142265 2142144 2142123 2142252 2142209 2142276 2142201 2142237 2142242 2142264 2142251 2142169 2142175 2142247 2142167 2142202 2142250 2142206 2142239 2142184 2142139 2142204 2142268 2142222 2142141 2142176 2142203 2142149 2142275 2142147 2142179 2142183 2142150 2142155 2142178 2142172 2142210 2142153 2142233 2142218 2142160 2142263 2142173 2142177 2142279 2142198 2142194 2142284 2142241 2142190 2142245 2142270 2142226 2142191 2142168 2142257 2142266 2142248 2142249 2142232 2142261 2142238 2142243 2142287 2142180 2142254 2142234 2142235 2142285 2142236 2142298 2142296 2142185 2142286 2142278 2142208 2142294 2142244 2142295 2142219 2142217 2142293 2142240 2142224 2142291 2142256 2142299 2142262 2142281 2142289 2142297 2142288 2142282 2142273 2142290 2142205 2142258 2142292 2142259 2142283 2142267 2142227 2142253 2142301 2142246 2142225 2142195 2142133 2142131 2142280 2142260 2142215 2142300 2142277 2142271 2142223 2142130 2142129 2142125 2142121 2142230 2142228 2142216 2142200 2141790 2141772 2141752 2141803 2141787 2141783 2141778 2141777 2141740 END

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