SN13 0HN

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Legal Information

Company Registration No.:
Incorporation Date:
14 Jul 2003 (14 Years old)
Financial Year End:
31 Jul
£50,000.00 on 22 Jul 2014
For period ending:
31 Jul 2014
Filed on:
27 Apr 2015
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Directors & Shareholder Information
As at:
14 Jul 2014
Filed on:
22 Jul 2014
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Financial Summary

31 Jul 2014 31 Jul 2013 31 Jul 2012
Cash at bank: £3,084 £5,303 £93
Debtors: £123,320 £158,651 £219,675
Creditors due within one year: £234,129 £245,835 £231,628
Total Assets less Current Liabilities: -£107,725 -£81,881 -£11,860
Creditors due after one year / Non Current Liabilities: £310,249 £327,221 £373,206
Total Assets less Liabilities: £8,176 £17,082 £41,218
Shareholders Funds / Net Worth: £8,176 £17,082 £41,218
Full details in: 2014 Accounts 2013 Accounts 2013 Accounts

Notices published in the Gazette

9 Mar 2018

In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division), Leeds District Registry IN THE MATTER OF CASTLETECH CONTRUCTION LTD (IN ADMINISTRATION) AND IN THE MATTER OF 354 LIMITED (TRADING AS TOP WOK) (IN CREDITORS’ VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF 11A BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD (IN MEMBERS’ VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF SOUTH COAST FULFILMENT LTD (IN CREDITORS’ VOLUNTARY ARRANGEMENT) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF CL@CAMEIRA LEGAL LTD (IN COMPULSORY LIQUIDATION) AND OTHERS AND IN THE MATTER OF THE INSOLVENCY ACT 1986 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by an Order of the High Court of Justice On 21 February 2018 the following changes in Office Holder were made. Joint appointments transferred from David Smithson to Richard Brewer Name Type Court Company Number Castletech Construction Limited ADM High Court of Justice 5164 of 2015 Jetmaster Fires Limited ADM High Court of Justice 6800 of 2016 Kensington Care Limited ADM High Court of Justice 6277 of 2016 Linsar UK Limited ADM High Court of Justice 3646 of 2016 No 17 Marketing Limited ADM High Court of Justice 8145 of 2017 Southern Wood Energy Limited ADM High Court of Justice 909 of 2017 354 Limited trading as Top Wok CVL N/A 08174776 AC (Verwood) Services Ltd CVL N/A 07127631 AMC Weymouth Ltd CVL N/A 09739499 Anglia Heating Limited CVL N/A 03287556 Apex Building Ltd CVL N/A 08810794 B.P. Hydraulics (Farnborough) Limited CVL N/A 01013264 Beach Soil Stabilisation Limited CVL N/A 05848898 Bedwyn (Pembroke Dock) Limited CVL N/A 05714666 Bonani Limited CVL N/A 06854677 Brobrad Developments Ltd CVL N/A 03463686 Carter Edwards Ltd CVL N/A 08422907 City Photographic Limited CVL N/A 05588926 Cobra Construction & Networks Ltd CVL N/A 04132819 Colortec Bodyworks Limited CVL N/A 06864367 Cougar Estates Limited CVL N/A 06341531 Name Type Court Company Number CTL Digital Solutions Limited CVL N/A 06914827 D B Electrical Wholesale Limited CVL N/A 03681395 Do Not Call (UK) Ltd CVL N/A 08959645 Drink Coffee Limited CVL N/A 09552052 Dual Architectural Aluminium Systems Limited CVL N/A 03800845 Eagle Roofing & Building Limited CVL N/A 10028675 Edudo Ltd CVL N/A 07792814 Event Support Southern Limited CVL N/A 08201378 Factor of Four Ltd CVL N/A 07580510 Fayrewood Tree & Landscapes Ltd CVL N/A 06922100 Forward Finishing Limited CVL N/A 09139945 Greenmann Aquatics (Sales) Ltd CVL N/A 09233056 Greenmann Aquatics (Three Legged Cross) Limited CVL N/A 08880683 Hampshire Soccer Schools Ltd CVL N/A 07959904 Homes Direct Property Solutions Limited CVL N/A 07010451 Hornsdene Construction Ltd CVL N/A 09663359 Ine Steels Ltd CVL N/A 05696089 Intype Libra Ltd CVL N/A 01193872 Jaga Designs Limited CVL N/A 05455702 JCF Works Limited CVL N/A 08347397 Kananas Limited CVL N/A 08380365 Knightsbridge Financial Management Limited CVL N/A 05390949 Ktees Clothing Ltd CVL N/A 07509544 Kwick Cuisine Limited CVL N/A 07973705 Level One Communications Limited CVL N/A 07363300 Merlin Properties X Change Limited CVL N/A 05120487 MFS Partnership (SW) LLP CVL N/A OC325724 Modus Access UK Limited CVL N/A 03480718 Mollys Den (Hampshire) Ltd CVL N/A 09082033 Monnalisa Poole Limited CVL N/A 08086330 N.G.P.S. Limited CVL N/A 05730167 New Garage (Salisbury) Limited CVL N/A 05044379 Oligan Communications Limited CVL N/A 08763277 Premier Bathrooms and Tiles Limited CVL N/A 06038587 Pubs Galore Ltd CVL N/A 08188618 OTHER NOTICES Name Type Court Company Number Q3 Electrical Limited CVL N/A 09740252 Rancho Steak House (Southampton) Limited CVL N/A 06494834 Redfoot Solutions Limited CVL N/A 06409807 Roll Call Limited CVL N/A 09231915 Signed Sealed Delivered Marketing Limited CVL N/A 09899134 Silverlake Construction Limited CVL N/A 07917793 Southgate Construction Limited CVL N/A 04185453 Strange Chameleon Limited CVL N/A 07439473 Summer Leisure Limited t/a Kelly’s Bar CVL N/A 07595766 Sussex Operations Limited CVL N/A 08371590 T & L Contracting Support Limited CVL N/A 06370769 The Chequers Inn IOW Limited CVL N/A 10436998 The Old House At Home (Romsey) Limited CVL N/A 06679073 The Really Good Pub Company Ltd CVL N/A 07954247 The Tramstop Bar Limited CVL N/A 09969177 The X Change Group Limited CVL N/A 04832155 Torino Leisure Limited t/a Fantini’s CVL N/A 09480072 Winchester Piano Studios Ltd CVL N/A 09980325 Zoom Broadband Limited CVL N/A 07753318 11a Business Solutions Limited MVL N/A 07321186 Abbott Electronics Ltd MVL N/A 03288839 Ace of Wands Limited MVL N/A 05551533 ACHIEVEMENT (UK) LLP MVL N/A OC390900 Achievement Advisors UK Ltd MVL N/A 08871308 ARA Bariatrics Limited MVL N/A 07535954 Birdi Consulting Limited MVL N/A 08739757 Blackfriars Scenery Limited MVL N/A 02012676 Canna Limited MVL N/A 00417006 Coast Cosmetic Clinic Ltd MVL N/A 07215130 Corum Consulting Limited MVL N/A 08133890 DDC (United Kingdom) Limited MVL N/A 01829528 DDC Holdings (UK) Limited MVL N/A 09647183 DDL 195 Limited (Formerly DDC Electronics Limited) MVL N/A 01969006 Different Consultants Limited MVL N/A 03977518 DRL Trading and Services Ltd MVL N/A 01645522 Name Type Court Company Number Every Cloud Ideas Limited MVL N/A 09167449 Floor Consulting Limited MVL N/A 06766113 Format Milton Consultancy Limited MVL N/A 03149223 Global M & E Group Limited MVL N/A 09446173 Gloucestershire Spine Clinic Ltd MVL N/A 07673491 GWLP Consultancy Limited MVL N/A 04719975 H Taylor Orthopaedics Ltd MVL N/A 05187586 Hartley Orthopaedics Limited MVL N/A 07067389 Henco Limited MVL N/A 05952058 J & N Financial Solutions Limited MVL N/A 08520408 J.C.S. Construction Ltd MVL N/A 04544741 Jazzy Investments Limited MVL N/A 05616588 Jenny Farthing Limited MVL N/A 06911400 KDL (2015) Ltd MVL N/A 09927986 Knapp Developments Limited MVL N/A 09927986 Militair Aviation Limited MVL N/A 03162625 Mobile Essentials Limited MVL N/A 05951435 Nobilis Miles Limited MVL N/A 04408012 Nomad Blue Limited MVL N/A 06315375 Opus Telecom Limited MVL N/A 03999413 OPUS Telecommunications Limited MVL N/A 06397656 Parrotfish Limited MVL N/A 04061875 Pemberton 123 Limited MVL N/A 01756274 Phil Sauve Orthopaedics Limited MVL N/A 07632987 Phipps Communications Limited MVL N/A 07038298 Plannar Interiors Limited MVL N/A 04398627 Praxis Healthcare Limited MVL N/A 07023126 Purple Phoenix Properties Limited MVL N/A 06626399 Quotefair Limited MVL N/A 01993968 SBD TT Limited MVL N/A 09342372 Smart Space Strategy Ltd MVL N/A 08987392 Solent Mould Tools (Holdings) Limited MVL N/A 05947118 Spine Cure Limited MVL N/A 08018256 Steve Arnold Models Limited MVL N/A 05827583 Stoneray Limited MVL N/A 04720158 OTHER NOTICES Name Type Court Company Number SW & CJ Richards Limited MVL N/A 08009066 Technical Image Applications Limited MVL N/A 06020765 Technichol IT Ltd MVL N/A 08642152 Tollard Shipping Limited MVL N/A 06903480 Waterpride Limited MVL N/A 04508807 Weatherby Holdings Limited MVL N/A 02614576 CL@Cameira Legal Ltd WUC High Court of Justice 6855 of 2016 Ebullio Capital Management LLP WUC High Court of Justice 5579 of 2016 OC331213 HC Contractors Limited WUC High Court of Justice 2826 of 2016 KML (Properties) Limited WUC County Court at Burnley 28 of 2016 P. Kingcott Limited WUC High Court of Justice 3411 of 2017 SBR Contracts Limited WUC Leeds District Registry 542 of 2017 Singlegold Limited WUC High Court of Justice 3108 of 2017 Soho Laser Clinic Limited WUC High Court of Justice 2250 of 2016 UK Mobility Direct Ltd WUC Leeds District Registry 3 of 2017 Any creditor of any of the estates mentioned above may, within 21 days of publication of this notice, apply to vary or discharge the Order. For further information please contact Beth Redfern of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP, 25 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4AB on 020 3201 8189 or at The costs of the application will be charged as a cost or expense of the estates with each estate to bear an equal share. RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP 6 March 2018 COMPANY LAW SUPPLEMENT The Company Law Supplement details information notified to, or by, the Registrar of Companies. The Company Law Supplement to The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette is published weekly on a Tuesday. These supplements are available to view at https:// Alternatively use the search and filter feature which can be found here on the company number and/or name. MONEY PENSIONS MONEY NOTICE UNDER SECTION 27 OF THE TRUSTEE ACT 1925 THE 140 PENSION SCHEME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925, that the Trustees of The 140 Pension Scheme (the “Scheme”) is finalising its winding-up and wishes to trace any persons who were or are a member of the Scheme or who believe that they may have any right to benefits from the Scheme. If you were a member of the Scheme or a participating employer (for example, Stamford Investment Trust Ltd or Charlton Farms) and consider that you may have been entitled to benefits from the Scheme and have not already been contacted, please write to The Trustees, The 140 Pension Scheme, 17 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0BD, with full details of your claim and any benefits that you think you are entitled to, including your full name, address, NI Number, dates of employment and copies of any relevant papers, within 2 months of the date of publication of this advertisement. This may include a spouse or dependant of a deceased Scheme member. After the 2 month period, the Trustees will proceed with the winding up of The 140 Pension Scheme and may have regard only to those claims and entitlements of which they had prior written notice and will not be liable to or in respect of any person whose claim or entitlement has not been so notified to them within the said 2 month period. If you are a past member of the Scheme and have had your benefits transferred to a new pension provider you do not need to contact the trustees. Issued on behalf of The Trustees of The 140 Pension Scheme. Corporate insolvency NOTICES OF DIVIDENDS

15 Feb 2016

THE X CHANGE GROUP LIMITED (Company Number 04832155) Registered office: Xchange House, 1 Pickwick Park, Park Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 0HN Principal trading address: Xchange House, 1 Pickwick Park, Park Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 0HN Previous registered name(s) in the last 12 months: None Other trading names or styles: None NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 98 of the INSOLVENCY ACT 1986 (as amended), that a meeting of the creditors of the above named company will be held at RSM, Highfield Court Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3TZ on 18 February 2016 at 2:45 pm for the purposes of dealing with Section 99 to 101 of the Insolvency Act 1986 (as amended). A shareholders’ meeting has been convened for 18 February 2016 to pass a resolution for the winding up of the company. Secured creditors (unless they surrender their security) must give particulars of their security and its value if they wish to vote at the meeting. The resolutions to be taken at the meeting may include a resolution specifying the terms on which the Joint Liquidators are to be remunerated including the basis on which disbursements are to be recovered from the company’s assets and the meeting may receive information about, and be called upon to approve, the costs of preparing the statement of affairs and convening the meeting. A creditor entitled to vote at the above meetings may appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of him. Proxy forms to be used at the meetings, together with any hitherto unlodged proof of debt, must be lodged at RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP, Highfield Court, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3TZ, no later than 12 noon on 17 February 2016. A full list of the names and addresses of the company’s creditors may be examined free of charge at the offices of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP, Highfield Court, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3TZ between 10.00am and 4.00pm on the two business days prior to the day of the meeting. A Guide to Liquidators’ Fees, which provides information for creditors in relation to the remuneration of a Liquidator, can be accessed at under ‘general information for creditors’. A hard copy can be requested from my office by telephone, email or in writing. Alternatively, a copy will be provided on written request by Charlotte Betteridge, RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP, Highfield Court, Tollgate, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3TZ. Insolvency practitioners are bound by the Insolvency Code of Ethics when carrying out all professional work relating to an insolvency appointment. Further details are available from Charlotte Betteridge, telephone number 02380646534. 9 February 2016

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Directors and Secretaries

John Havard
1 May 2004 ⇒ Present ( 14 Years ) Director
30 Jul 2003 ⇒ Present ( 14 Years ) Company Secretary

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Previous Addresses

SN13 9EU
Changed 1 Jul 2011

SN13 0HN
Changed 22 May 2008

Changed 30 Jun 2006

Changed 22 Nov 2005

Company Annual Accounts

Accounts for Financial Year EndingDate Accounts SubmittedNumber Of Months After Year End Of Submission
31 Jul 2014 27 Apr 2015 9
31 Jul 2013 31 Jul 2013 0
31 Jul 2013 16 Apr 2014 9
31 Jul 2012 16 Apr 2013 9
31 Jul 2011 19 Apr 2012 9

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